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# 1 Stuck on loading list of maps
01-18-2010, 01:01 AM
I have a desktop and a laptop im playing on. I have a home internet connection, and a 3G usb modem. (home is 1mbit, usb is 22mbit with telstra). I am stuck with this home connection because i live on campus at uni.

Since open beta started, i have always been able to connect reliably (as reliably as possible considering beta) with the usb 3g modem on both the laptop and the desktop. however i have never been able to play with the landline connection on either machine. It always gets stuck on "loading list of maps" after you select a character, then after 5 minutes im back at the login screen.

I purchased the game through steam if it makes a difference. Neither ISP uses any kind of filtering i am aware of. I have a belkin N+ wireless router attached to the home conenction, wired or wireless makes no difference. All the usuall stuff is on, upnp etc, e.g. torrents work fine.

Any idea what could be causing this? It seems pretty clear its the ISP at fault but how?

I am obsessed with this game, but last night I lost the usb modem and have to wait for an insurance replacement, so i can no longer play

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