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Hi so I'm a Lifetime Member and I already setup all my Traits up. Now I believe we were told we would have 1 Respec Token in order to respec our traits. The thing is when I click on the Traits tab and look down below it says the following: "Respec Tokens: 6" and the "Respec Traits" button is lit up where I can hit it.

My question is...are these my old Skill Respec tokens I had or are these actual Trait Respec tokens? I was unable to check to see how many Skill Respec tokens I had cause the server went into emergency maintenance.

Now mind you I have not purchased any Respec Tokens ever in my life. I just earned the Skill Respec tokens as I leveled up with my Lifetime Subscription. What I want to know is are the tokens shared between skills and traits? Thanks in advance.
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05-21-2013, 07:14 PM
i too got 5 or so on each of my chars.. it seems to be retroactive to being gold member.

gold members got a free respec on every level up.. so they must have given us the same amount of trait respec tokens too.
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