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Greetings Romulan Fleets!

We are beginning a new initiative here at PWE, and we are calling on you to submit your fleets activities and recruitment drives to us in order for us to help promote and encourage Fleet participation within the STO Community.

We want to know about your Fleet's regular events, your anniversary celebrations, your recruitment drives, your weekend event runs, your plans for our seasonal events and much more!

Submit your Fleet's activities here, in this thread with the following info:

  • Fleet Name:
  • Link to image of Fleet Logo:
  • General Theme (if any):
  • Title of your event/activity:
  • Recruitment Status:
  • Website link (if any):
  • Goal for this submission:

Get this information to us, and we will be able to help promote you and your fleets in an ongoing new plan we will be introducing across our media outlets. Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter and Livestreams! Bringing more traffic to your sites and posts to help with your membership drives, and to bring our players more information on new fleets they may want to join to help them find new ways to play STO, and new friends to play along side.

Join us to celebrate the great fleets we have in Star Trek Online and become a part of our Official Community Team!

See you in-game!


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# 2 The Vine Coalition!~
08-07-2014, 01:32 PM
The Vine is a coalition of currently a group of about 20, friendly fleets of multi-factions. We are looking for other fleets who are interested in becoming a member of our Coalition. If your fleet would like to apply for membership, or if you would be interested in hearing more, please mail me @yackaree in game.
Hope to hear from you soon!~

The Vine Staff!~
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# 3 Trust!
08-07-2014, 02:39 PM
Fleet Name: The Trust

Link to image of Fleet Logo: Crest of the Trust

General Theme (if any): Star-Trek Canonical Roleplay (Also taking Romulan Republic canidates)

Title of your event/activity: ARC V: When Mirrors Shatter (first mission starts this Friday)

Recruitment Status: Restricted Open, Romulan applicants must submit requests to our Ambassador for processing (that's me!)!

Website link (if any): http://stotrust.shivtr.com/

Goal for this submission: Well, we have a lot of goals! First, we want to provide an environment to allow people of all stripes, creeds, and colors to have a fun time making their own legacy in STO and in their character! Second, we're trying to get a hold of other Canonical RP fleets to create something novel: A coalition of fleets that take the canon of Star Trek to heart (with exceptions of course ) and work as a unit, with intertwining stories and legacies that people will recognize for years to come.

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# 4 Sector 31 ANTKB
08-07-2014, 02:56 PM
ANTKB is a global gaming community based on some very fundamental principles.
These principles reflect how we wish to be viewed as a community and embody the spirit of tolerance and friendship that we strive to foster. The basic ideas of kindness, goodwill, openness and honesty are at our core. We are not a one game community. Star Trek Online is our flagship game but there are several other games where we have a presence.

ANTKB as a community has shown that by adhering to these core beliefs we have created a haven in the gaming world that welcomes all and is tolerant and inclusive. We are a family friendly environment both in chat channels and voice channels. We are self moderated and are proud of our diverse global membership. Our media footprint includes Twitter, FaceBook, Enjin Website, YouTube and TeamSpeak3 servers.

The synergy of our core beliefs, diverse membership and high profile media presence provides a gaming experience unique in the world of gaming. With dedication hard work and diligence this has been accomplished. With these same efforts ANTKB will be maintained.

We run monthly events that bring together our many members from all over the world! We are always happy to have Romulans or any other race in the Star Trek universe join our ranks! on 8/16/14 we will be hosting a Fleet Fun Day event where we will run multiple star base defenses to gain fleet marks and provision our base! Any one who is a member at the time is welcome to join us. During past events we have gotten together and ran fleet wide scavenger hunts as well as hosted prior Community Manager Branflakes for a meet and greet and than some stf runs!

We welcome you to join any of our 4 fleets spanning through both federation and Klingon space. Two of which are fully upgraded. Anyone interested in becoming a Sector 31 ANTKB member must simply apply by visiting our website at antkb.enjin.com or by contacting @aboutwodays, @vitt4reds, @Afalconer, @ayla7, or @DarthRoki

It is our goal and hope that with this post we can become more active in the star trek online community and continue to contribute to it positively. One way we have started to accomplish this is through our forums and a face book page created for good star trek online advice open to all star trek online players run by several members of our fleet. www.facebook.com/stoadvice . @Afalconer is also the latest winner of Star trek Onlines Foundry mission contest #9 The Mirror Of Romulus and also a council member of Sector 31 ANTKB! http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...1#post15522361 You can watch it live this friday at 12PM PDT. http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh....php?t=1188731

Hope to see you all in game Soon

~jameson@aboutwodays Events XO for Sector 31 ANTKB



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# 5
09-13-2014, 05:59 AM
Fleet Name:
== 44th Fleet / 44th Assault Squadron ==

Fleet Logo:

General Theme:
Active since STO's Beta, the 44th is a casual, 18+, PvE/PvP/RP fleet with members from all parts of the world.


Fleet Daily PvE Teaming
- Organized team-ups where fleet members queue for PvE content to obtain Reputation Marks, Fleet Marks, Dilithium or XP. Fleet run means smooth, easy and fun!

Search for Soolin
- Soolin is visiting various hidden parts of galaxy and your job is to find her and make a proof of your exploration undertaking. More info can be find here.

Fleet Role-Play
- Forum play-by-post RP. Jump in and use your imagination to create new, unique story in post Nemesis era, starting with strange occurrences at Deep Space 3. Develop your characters and connect them with other members of fleet. More info can be find here.

Fleet Olympics
- 1v1 PvP event.

Recruitment Status:
Welcomes any new member that would like to join us. There is no limit on alt character you want to bring to 44th.


Goal for this submission:
Raise awareness of the 44th Fleet / 44th Assault Squadron and its events.
Both fleets are T5 with T3 embassy, mine and spire each. They also share a common chat channel and as such the 44th Fed and 44th KDF operate as a de-facto single fleet (thank you Armistice ).

If you have any questions, you can contact us in game too: @Marcase and @rdm1958

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# 6 Naw'Tem.
10-09-2014, 06:34 PM
ghaH 'ej Duvan, SuvwI' Qup!

We are Naw'Tem. A House of honorable warriors dedicated to the glory of the Empire. If the slaughter of the qa'meH quv is what you seek, then join us!

Our Bloodwine comes from only the finest of vintage. Our halls sing of the greatest of battles won by our noble kin. Our veS Duj are forged from the greatest shipyards. We are the embodiment of what it mean to be Klingon.

We have put the "war" with the Federation behind us, and formed a grand alliance with one of their greatest fleets to join in the battles against all the qa'meH quv no matter what form they cower in. Undine, Borg, Voth, Elachi...BAH! They are like puj puq to us.

Our tuq mIw'e' on Qo'noS is open at most hours if your are interested in joining our House.


~yaS wa'DIch
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# 7
10-09-2014, 07:31 PM
Fleet Name:
Delirium Tremens Fleet

Link to image of Fleet Logo:

General Theme (if any):
A Casual Fleet for Mature Players

Title of your event/activity:
Many; We're a social fleet offering STF and build training, team-building NWS sessions and much more.

Recruitment Status:
Passive; we're a completed fleet (T5 SB, T3 everything else)

We're all about improving you as a player.

Delirium Tremens is an adult casual fleet. We are not a role-playing fleet.
While we like to have fun, we do take our builds and development quite seriously.
Our goal is to help our fleet mates survive the grind and become better Star Trek Online players

Website link (if any):

Goal for this submission:
Primarily awareness that we are Adult Orientated, Politics Free, Goal Oriented and we have an active Promotion Strategy.
Career Officer
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# 8
10-20-2014, 11:31 AM
leet Name: Starfleet Liberty Force (FED)
Orion Liberty Fleet (KDF)

Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://stoliberty.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=275613

General Theme (if any): TREK based

Title of your event/activity: PvPs, Defera and Parties

Recruitment Status: OPEN 490/500

Website link (if any): http://stoliberty.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=275613

Goal for this submission: Advertisement
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# 9
12-20-2014, 09:05 PM
Fleet Name: Starfleet S.W.A.T.
(Federation Aligned)

General Theme (if any): Slower paced PvE content, tactical team play (working as a team, not rushing through everything)

Title of your event/activity: 3 daily (Eastern US time zone) evening fleet events: Dilithium runs, Fleet Marks and personal Reputation marks, we team up with anyone on during those times and go through various PvE content to gain as much of above said resources for all players teamed up during the event times

Recruitment Status: Recruiting both members and Ambassadors (VIPs, part of the fleet but not interested in full member commitments)

Website link (if any): Starfleet S.W.A.T HQ

Goal for this submission: To share our small fleet to those that are interested in a slower paced fleet and to note we look for specific personalities to join our ranks and not interested in mass recruiting everyone that is on the server and fleetless. We have both experienced and new players and if you like to have a good time in STO without all the nonsense, we could be your new fleet home .

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