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We’re small; we’re mostly casual; we sure as heck don’t let that stop us!

No, we don’t boast the largest roster, or even the most awesome in-game events you will ever see, but we do have one thing on our side: Fun. Oh, and we love Romulans! We also have some of the friendliest, funnest (is that even a word?) folks that you may ever meet in-game. Have a question? Someone in the fleet will have you covered! Want help with an annoying mission? No problem! Just feel like running some queued events, but don’t want to go it alone? We’ll be on board!

We also run weekly fleet events both for fun, and to gather goodies for our projects.

Oh, and a very important thing to note: We are primarily a Federation-Only fleet.

Our Starbase progress, is as follows:
T4 Starbase – Complete
T3 Dilithium Mine – Complete
T3 Embassy – Complete
T3 Spire – Almost Complete

We don’t require “job” applications before you join; you probably get enough of the paper work in real life! All you need to do, is send a PM to one of the leads: @Ael or @Kangaroo120y

We hope to team with you soon!

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