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# 1 Temporal Accords Operatives
11-06-2014, 05:48 PM
Fellow Temporal Operatives,

The Temporal Accords (TA), are an interstellar treaty that will be signed (or already has, depending on Temporal perspective) in the year 2796*. This treaty prohibits the use of time travel technology, of all signing parties, in the Space Time Continuum (STC) for the purpose of altering history. Time travel is allowed, however, for scientific research, so long as the STC remains unaltered.

Temporal Accords Operatives, are individuals, entrusted with maintaining the STC, against all forces that would seek to deliberately, or unwillingly, change the course of the known STC. Star Trek Episodes dealing with Temporal Accords Operatives (although the official name of the group is never disclosed by Operatives) are as follows:

Star Trek: Enterprise - Operative Daniels
Cold Front (S1E11)
Shockwave: Part 1 (S1E26)
Shockwave: Part 2 (S2E1)
Carpenter Street (S3E11)
Azati Prime (S3E18)
Zero Hour (S3E24)
Storm Front: Part 1 (S4E1)
Storm Front: Part 2 (S4E2)

Star Trek: Voyager - Operative Braxton
Future's End Part 1 (S3E8)
Future's End Part 2 (S3E9)
Relativity (S5E24)

The desire of the Temporal Accords Operatives Fleet, is to bring Operatives currently displaced in the 2409 STC of Star Trek Online (STO), together. This fleet is seeking captains in STO that are actively using their Temporal starships, and would like to team with other players, who choose to fly their Temporal vessel as well.

Having a Temporal starship, is the only requirement for this fleet. Below, is a list of all Temporal ships currently in STO.

Temporal Starships
Wells Temporal Science Vessel (Federation)
Mobius Temporal Destroyer (Federation)
Korath Temporal Science Vessel (Klingon)
Krenn Temporal Destroyer (Klingon)
R'Mor Temporal Science Vessel (Romulan)
Talvath Temporal Destroyer (Romulan)

The Temporal Science Vessel, is found as the Grand Prize of the Temporal lockbox, which players have a slight chance of winning, when opening the Temporal Box. The Temporal Destroyer is found in the Lobi Crystal Consortium, and can be purchased for 800 lobi. Both the Temporal Destroyer, and Science Vessel, can also be found on the exchange.

Optional Temporal items, which players are strongly encouraged to possess, for heightened gameplay, would be as follows:

Universal Console - Manheim Device (found on Temporal Destroyer)
Universal Console - Tipler Cylinder (found on Temporal Science Vessel)

Temporal Warfare Set
Temporal Disruption Device
Chroniton Dual Beam Array
Universal Console - Tachyokinetic Converter

Temporal Warfare items can be purchased only at the Lobi Crystal Consortium. Each item costs 200 lobi, requiring 600 lobi for the complete set.

Timeship Shuttle
Aeon Timeship (for Federation & Romulan alined faction)
Rozhenko Timeship (for Klingons & Romulan alined faction)

Timeship shuttles can be purchased at the Lobi Crystal Consortium, for 300 lobi. They can also be purchased on the exchange.

Temporal Ground Items
Temporal Jumpsuit
Relativity Stasis Pistol
Relativity Self Targeting Rifle

The Temporal Relativity weapons can be purchase at the Lobi Crystal Consortium, for 50 lobi each, while the Temporal Jumpsuit will cost 150 lobi. The Jumpsuit can also be bought on the exchange.

The Temporal Accords Operatives (fleet) is designed for STO players who desire, to imagine, they are apart of the Temporal Operatives group, as seen in the Star Trek Series. The fleet thus functions in two parts, to, hopefully achieve this. One, giving members the title "Temporal Accords Operatives" above their characeter and ship, as their fleet name. Secondly, and more importantly, hopefully allowing STO players who desire to fly Temporal vessels, to gather together in one place, teaming together in PvE, PvP, and missions with similar likeminded STO players.

A Temporal Accords Operatives Fleet has been established for both the current Federation & Klingon factions. If you wish to join, please submit your character's handle, & alined faction in this thread, and a fleet invitation will be sent.

Keeping an ever-watchful eye on the Space-Time Continuum,

* 2796 is the year quoted for the Temporal Accords being signed. (http://www.freewebs.com/temporalcold...nformation.htm) However, (http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Temporal_Accord) quotes 2769 as the date.

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