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It has been frustrating trying to log in and not being able to. I think I speak for all of us when I say that- if not, then I'm sure I speak for most of us.

Hoping for good weather:
Star Trek Online is a promising game with great potential. I could make a good sized list of the things I like in this game- but you probably have your own list, so I won't. Bottom line is that I am excited to see STO in its polished form, and I am eager to see what post-release development will bring us. I am hopeful that the game will be a smash hit, and stick around for a long time.

The dark cloud:
There are 2 major obstacles which STO has to overcome. First, there are a LOT of bugs. I realize bugs are normal in Beta, but their quantity and severity concern me at this late stage. The game needs to be spit shined to do well at release, and that is 2 short weeks away. The developers certainly have their work cut out for them! Second, the STO servers are inadequate. Sure, some of the login problems are bug related, but the servers can't even handle the load put on them by beta testers.

The silver lining:
Those are the servers Cryptic hoped to fill when they developed STO. They are already overflowing. Too many customers is the problem every new venture hopes for! So they gathered a much larger following than they planned for, and had to rush-order large amounts of new hardware, just to get the beta test running again.

The forecast:
This could be a rainmaker, folks. Beta testers make up only a small portion of MMO players. If Cryptic gets their servers up to snuff, and the developers squash the bugs, STO is in a position to really shine!

I, for one, have hope.

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