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05-29-2013, 05:05 AM
Originally Posted by molaigh View Post
Why is this thread still going? If you don't like the game than don't play - and stop posting too. Enjoy your free time and extra money.
This thread is still going because people DO like the game and the DO care about it. If you can't understand that then it might be better to just not click on these types of threads.

Happy swallowing whatever is being shoved in your mouth.
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05-29-2013, 05:12 AM
Originally Posted by kaiserkacto View Post
Just a few chaotic days every time a new season is launched, and some server crashes... So yes, for me STO still worth it
just a few ? , what are you smoking
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05-29-2013, 05:21 AM
I certainly think it is; after all, I wouldn't still be playing if I didn't.
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05-29-2013, 06:37 AM
Originally Posted by blafi View Post
This thread is still going because people DO like the game and the DO care about it.
Also there's that whole geeky "control issues" thing...
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Originally Posted by kyuui13 View Post
In all my time playing Eve, and its been a good few years, more often than not, they're up, faster than advertised, and only down for expansions, which are few. STO, has been down more and more, and has a extended history of crashing/ lag fests, et all.
Really? Funny how - back when EVE's 'Retribution was released (on 12/4/12); it had a number of bugs/issues:

a week or so later; (12/10/12) it was still having a variety of issues:

And around a week or so later (12/10/13) - still had issues:

and about 1 month after release was STILL having issues:

My point? problems after a new major expansion are (for better or worse); the norm, and it sometimes takes a Dev team some time to get most of them under control. EVE is no different; and they've been doing it 10 years.
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05-29-2013, 05:03 PM
To answer the question of this thread, yes. Yes it is worth it. ^_^ I enjoy it every time I play.
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The reason why I still play is because it is a Star Trek game. If this was a non Star Trek game with all the problems this game has I would quit playing.
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05-29-2013, 10:05 PM
Originally Posted by marshalericdavid View Post
The reason why I still play is because it is a Star Trek game. If this was a non Star Trek game with all the problems this game has I would quit playing.
Doubled, Star Trek is the only thing that keeps me in this game. Not Cryptic and certainly not this games design. I mean, a company that cannot directly identify a class of starship like the Akira being NOT an Escort is slightly ironic to be running a Star Trek themed game.

I just wish there was another Star Trek MMO out there with people who cared more about getting ship balance and ship classifications correct rather then making money and having personal bias towards Deep Space Nine and the Excelsior.

Skill should pay for itself in terms of development costs... make a good game and people will pay for it. Not shove as much distracting **** and lotteries in their face in a desperate attempt to milk their gullible playerbase.
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There's been times this game has stretched my suspense of disbelief that this is a Star Trek game, but I play because it's pretty much the best one out there since there really isn't anything large scale for Star Trek that can compete with this. I'm here as a Trek fan. Even though I'm a life subber, I would've stayed away for good solely based on how many times I've been screwed over by Cryptic since PWE acquired them, and even before when Atari owned them.

I'll continue to play and have my own fun in my little immersed Trek bubble here until a true Star Trek MMO comes out that really does it right.
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To OP:

What hassle?

I discovered STO when I heard that everything in this game that you could pay-to-win for, you could also earn through grinding. I picked it up last November, and have been playing plenty since.

It's a game, not a hassle. It's meant to be fun - if it isn't, don't play. I play when I want to, and leave it alt-tabbed in the background the rest of the time while I work, because space is pretty and spaceships are awesome and STO is alt-tab friendly (that 60min idle timer bugs me though, I'd leave STO on all day if I could.) I'm in no rush to get anything, and I've got a pair of fleet ships that kick ass and take names. I haven't spent a cent on STO, and it's awesome that the choice to play free is available. I'm having so much fun in STO that I'll probably get one of those giant-arse ship bundles eventually, just so I don't feel like a complete parasite, and because the folks who run this game deserve it for giving me so much free fun.

I'm going back to my kick ass space laser battles now.

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