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Since Cryptic is actually considering adding respecies tokens, I would like to make them aware that there is a demand for reclass tokens as well.

Recently, I have realized that one of my long-standing characters would be better off as a science officer instead of a tactical one. I do not want to have to recreate her in order to correct this class decision, losing all of my hard-earned, no-longer-obtainable things such as items and accolades. Especially seeing as Cryptic would never grant the recreated character back her accolades and items that can no longer be obtained.

If you are going to add re-species tokens, Cryptic, please consider adding re-class tokens as well. Please!
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06-04-2013, 07:51 PM

If Cryptic is going to be adding the ability to completely change a character's species should a player choose to spend for the token, then logically they should also be able to purchase and use a token to change their character's class. Stuff happens, and sometimes a person has already invested things that cannot be gotten ever again into a character that they wish to change. This should be no different for any hard-coded attribute of the character.

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