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# 1 Connection/Login Issue
01-18-2010, 01:55 PM

So ive been sitting here for about 7-8 hours, attempting to login to the game. I have kept myself busy with other things while trying, so I dont really have an issue with the server being full/down sometimes. However, attempting a login every 10 minutes or so, I have had breaks that go over 30 minutes from time to time.

But whenever I manage to get into the server, I can zone into 4-5 different zones. And I get the "Server not responding" message in red on the top left corner. When this happens, I get booted back to login screen. And unless im really lucky, I have to start all over again.

I realise this is beta, and I pray that this issue will be sorted for release. And to be honest, I dont mind that the server is full. Getting random disconnects on the other hand, is something I will have a BIG problem with. I was very content on buying a life-time sub for this game, after 2 days of open beta. I loved the game, but this disconnect issue is making me hesitant.

Can someone please re-assure me that this will not be a problem when I am paying for the game?

I am european btw, and my connection is not the best. Ive been able to play many MMO's that did not have servers in Europe. So im my opinion it shouldnt be an issue!

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