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# 1 Feedback on UI
05-22-2013, 08:55 AM
So far looks great, love the new UI!

Suggestions for improvement:

- Space, romulan UI; the animation for the shield facing (when you click on one or another in order to divert power to it) it's a bit difficult to see. And since it's a critical thing to monitor during combat, I think it could be made more apparent, either by giving it more "flashiness" or pulsing or just extending the rim of the current pulsing in order to make it more visible.


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# 2
05-22-2013, 09:24 AM
In my opinion, the best thing they could do to improve the new HUD:

* Make selecting the 'Classic' color schemes convert all elements of the HUD back to the monochromatic colors of the original HUD. And by that I mean -all- elements. Not just one or two lines while leaving the multicolored command tray buttons and distracting color coded power icons. Many of us want to see the -game-, not the HUD, and the new HUD is a distraction instead of an aid. Allowing us to return to the HUD that worked would be immense help.

The other thing they could do would be to reduce the size of the dialogue popups. We don't need the thing to block the entire screen just to let us know we are in range to dock with a station. We can read a window half that size, and not recoil in our seats when our ships suddenly get blocked by a static NPC asking if we want to dock.

Seriously, did they have to mess with so much? The previous HUDs worked great while letting you see the world, so why did they think they needed to make them more distracting?
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# 3
05-22-2013, 09:43 AM
So we got LCARS and a multi choice Yay! ...Hmmm wait a F-king moment..

If I choose default there is a difference in Fed and Kdf... but if I want a different on my KDF char I have to have the same ON ALL MY OTHER FED CHARS!!!!!! What the F-King hell is going on ?

Hmm... "Cryptic" : Look we have made it so you can change UI!!!! But if you change you will have the same F-King UI on all char's. Nanana na na na!!!

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# 4
05-22-2013, 10:03 AM
UI feedback. IT SUXS also thx for allowing us to retain the old or change back. good touch... wait what do you MEAN YOU DIDN"T ?

So thx for taking a passable game and sticking to your motto. If it ain't broke, we should work on that to distract players from all that is, if it is broke we can break it worse and make them regret having complained at all. Thanks for realizing that i love to play and do things twice
. It isn't enough to play it on tribble and recieve no measurable reward for time invested other than beta testing and a worthless inventory leech like a tribble or something equally worthless to established players.

I know the majority are idiots and you serve the majority but come on. little over the top with the textures?

Things i wanted to do, enjoy new content and play sto, things i didn't want to do, spend days and weeks adjusting to a new look layout and functionality. So guess what i will do. I will relearn a new layout a new look a new type of interface features, but im doing it on another game. Thanks for the last straw in we are dev's hear us fail to succeed.

Just when i started to really make the last turn in evolution you had to though another desperate attempt at generating traffic and dollars. The attempt is not wrong it is the foolishly desperate and lacking any forsight implimentation that annoys me.

good luck with ur genre, always loved it, now im off to play another genre i love, being ruined by other devs who fold to the new f2p format and fold badly.
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# 5 Account-wide?
05-22-2013, 10:38 AM
So far, my only complaint is that the UI theme setting is account-wide. The only way to get different UI themes for different characters is to use "Default". That's not horrible -- it gives most of my characters an appropriate theme. But it would be nice to use the "Orion" theme for my Orion characters without forcing it on all my characters.
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# 6
05-22-2013, 11:37 AM
as others have posted i would like the original UI as an option... i don't like the new one... and why [on kdf] are my allies blue?!?

i can see that making your power tray so many colors Might be easier for new players, sadly i don't think that is the case. it is far easier and less distracting with the monotone colors b4.

even the one option that is supposed to be [i'm guessing] Klingon\fed retro is not even close. why does there need to be a color for every fracking thing?

and is there any way to tone down the colors for general space objects and weapons and such? this game attracted me at first because i liked the graphics and had a feel of realizim. sorry to say it has a much more cartoonish feel to it now, especially with the bright-azz HUD... -.-

to reiterate, please make an option for the original HUD. please and thank you.

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# 7
05-23-2013, 04:26 PM
A few replies:

- to the one saying that the interaction button takes up too much space in your screen: go to HUD personalization, select the interaction element and scale it down to just the size that you want. You can do that with every element, you can also make things bigger and change font sizes.

- to the one asking why in KDF default you see allies blue and enemies red... Well in my opinion that's just exactly how it should have always been. I've always found extremely frustrating the old KDF UI. I am very happy with the improvements they have done to the whole UI, colors, look, and especially feel: it is way smoother, appealing, dynamic and fast in response time than before.

- to the many reporting the issue where you cannot make a UI choise permanent for just one character apart from selecting default: yes, I agree. That's annoying and looks like a bug, more than a design decision. At least I hope xD

That last one I would like to see fixed/implemented!
Thank you!

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# 8
05-23-2013, 06:22 PM
The new UI is ugly. Flat colors square edges.. nothing sleek about it. Prefer the old one 10:1
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# 9
05-23-2013, 07:22 PM
I also want to play on all my char with a specific UI.
Don't want to be oblige to play my kdf or rom with the UI of my main FED !!!

you gibve us the opportunity to have Lcars with nice colors oportunity but you limit it's use.

Please fix this.
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# 10
05-23-2013, 07:59 PM
The new UI, I really want to like it but I keep thinking it looks like it was designed by the same folks who designed the graphic UI for Netscape Navigator with a cartoon silhouette of my ship in the center ring to top it off.

Everything in the UI is so flat it blends in with the background and with the semi-transparent salmon colored ship tags to making it hard to tell heads from tail, for example, in the hive.

Even my poor ship winds up muddled in the mess where it used to stand out or on top of other objects it doesn't pop out at me like it used to and seems more in the background from the brief glimpses I got between being deathrayed repeatedly. LOL!

No longer able to click and select a team member from the list have to click on their ship, not good.

Oh yeah, and the multi-colored powers in the tray... aye-curumba!

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