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05-22-2013, 12:10 PM
There was a queue for season 6 if I remember correctly. Not this bad though.
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Originally Posted by keysmachine View Post
Because i'm seriously doubting it has.. sure maybe a small Line to get in. but i've seen on reddit people 15k + in line to get into the game.

outside of launch day with the usual influx of new players has STO seen this much activity since then?
Not quite this busy, but to be fair, this really is more like a major expansion, rather than a regular season update of times past. The last time STO saw large queues was when they had the 3 year anniversary event - and released the 'Temporal Ambassador' mission (with Denise Crosby voicing Tasha Yar) -- and again o be fair to Cryptic they did say they increased server capacity to be able to handle more players at that time, and if they had those level of players again, we wouldn't see queues.

Obviously, "Legacy of Romulus" is still much more popular then they expected - OR - they hit a 'funds wall' where PWE stated, you have this much in the budget for hardware expansion for LoR launch, and they're doing what they can with what they have available (nothing gets infinite resources in the real world.)

Either way, it should eventually settle down as they get the major issues resolved/triaged.

I have to wonder though, in addition to everyone that was waiting for Romulans, if maybe some former KDF players (hearing that Cryptic added a KDF tutorial, and did flesh out KDF 1- 50 content and is now allowing new players to start as Klingons); also wanted to jump in and give that content a spin; and that added to the masses bamging on the server door.

Maybe the team running NeverWinter can loan/give the STO team some hardware once they start merging teh 3 shards they have for their open beta period?
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05-22-2013, 12:12 PM
Yes, every season launch is this busy. But it will settle down in less than a week and it will be like any regular gaming day. Next season we will have this conversation all over again LOL.
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