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# 1 German translation mistakes
10-20-2013, 02:25 PM
Just a list of rather embarrassing mistakes in the translation and how to fix them:

Sidenote, since this board doesn't permit use of "Umlaute", I had to use ae/ue/oe/ss in some spots. Just think of those as the special characters (a with 2 dots, u with 2 dots, etc).


-> <char> "scannt die Gegend aufmerksam"
-> Grammar.
-> <char> "sieht sich aufmerksam um"

-> "Kommen Sie her!"
-> wording, gotta be plural.
-> "Kommt her!"

-> <char> "bittet"
-> wrong term.
-> <char> "bettelt"

-> <char> "aktiviert her Kommunikator"
-> forgot to translate a word there.
-> <char> "aktiviert ihren Kommunikator" (female version, male is "seinen")
..we'll have this quite often.

D'k Tahg
-> typo, "D'l Tahg"
-> must be a k, not an L.

Dance mix
-> nonsense, means '<char> gets a little confused'
-> <char> "mischt den Laden auf"

Dance Jester
-> incomplete, "Jester" is not a german word.
-> "tanzt wie ein Hofnarr"

Dance Running Man
-> wording ('spielt' means 'plays', you don't play dances. you dance them.)
-> <char> "tanzt den Running Man"

Dance Wave Hands
-> incomplete and wrong
-> "schwingt ihre Haende nach Links und Rechts" (again female version, male is "seine", not "ihre")

Engage (untargetet)
-> actually retranslates as an attack order only.. we'll use the Picard translation from the show.
-> "Aktivieren!" .. "<char name> gibt das Zeichen."

Engage (targeting someone)
-> issues a gewneral attack order and orders the target to get a job. Really?!
-> "Aktivieren!" .. "<char name> gibt <target name> das Zeichen, den Befehl auszufuehren."

Face Palm
-> makes no sense at all whatsoever and isnt translated fully.
-> "haelt frustriert seine Hand vors Gesicht." (male, female is 'ihre')

Face Palm Double
-> same story.
-> make it the same, but with "Haende" (plural)

Flip Coin
-> nonsense. We don't "cry out into the heavens", we only toss a coin here. Not a Khan moment.
-> "Kopf oder Zahl?" .. "<character> wirft eine Muenze."

Headbutt (targeted)
-> nonsense. We treat someone to a headbutt. That's:
-> "verpasst <target> einen Kopfstoss."

Jumping Jacks
-> wording actually embarrasses user as in "makes a fool of himself". We're doing a sports thing though.
-> "macht Hampelmaenner."

-> wrong word, you can come to someone's aid "beherzt" (means having the courage to do stuff), but in this case it's from the heart, so..
-> "lacht herzhaft."

-> nonsense even if Mokbara was a game, you'd be off. We perform a ritual.
-> "vollfuehrt das Mokbara."

-> uh.. you're using very graphical terms to say how the pointing one feels. naughty.
-> "zeigt aufgeregt nach vorne."

-> only if Heghtay is a game or instrument. Again, rituals are performed.
-> "vollfuehrt das Heghtay."

Tricorder (Dataentry)
-> missed a word, missed a meaning
-> "Gibt Daten in ihren Tricorder ein." (male version: "seinen")

Tricorder (medical) (targeted)
-> nonsense, we don't use the english word "scan" in this. We check, we diagnose.
-> "untersucht <target> auf Verletzungen."

Taunt (untargeted)
-> The term you're using requires a target. Why not make it general and 'taunt someone' or even 'dare someone'.
-> "fordert jemanden heraus."

..so much for the emotes, I'll have to check the rest bit by bit as time permits.
Thanks to Shelan for running through all of them so I could check and retranslate.

Hope this helps.

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