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# 1 New Traits
05-22-2013, 10:52 AM
So what new Traits are there with the revamp? There are the 4 class-specific traits each captain type gets (Unless there are more that can be unlocked?). There are the special 'gene sequences' from the lockboxes. I read elsewhere there might be something unlocked from Tour The Universe. Then there's that 'Special' tab at the bottom of the Traits menu. What else is there?
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05-26-2013, 01:48 AM
New ones are pretty much the modifications to the species traits, the additional career traits, and the Tal Shiar Lock Box Genetic Sequencers. Other than that, the new traits are those for the new Romulan faction species.

As far as modifications, I'd suggest looking at Mental Discipline and Stubborn. They may not mention it in the UI text, but the patch notes do mention a clicky power that allows breaking free of the control powers each trait is designed to resist. They do have a long cooldown, but also add a handy addition to the passive benefits. Once you have Mental Discipline and/or Stubborn committed, you should find the clicky power in your powers tab.

I also made basic reference threads for the three factions as follows:
Federation - Species and Career
Klingon - Species and Career
Romulan - Species and Career

Yeah, I basically just re-posted the career ones for each faction, since they are identical. I figured it would be easier to find for folks of those factions to have reference lists in their gameplay areas.

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