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# 1 Doff storage
05-22-2013, 01:47 PM
This post is in response to the (as of yet) unannounced (but already implemented) mail cap.

Since the drive for holdings involves a lot of "useless" doffs filling the ranks, the mail system has been the savior for players trying to help fleet projects to store doffs that are not needed when they are unlocked.

However, with the introduction of the 100 maximum attachment cap to the mail system, many that relied on the mail system to store doffs that were not immediately needed are now logging in to find that, due to their (now) quota of attachments being maxed out, any attachments sent subsequent to the LoR expansion update get sent to the "void" and effectively lost with no reimbursement for their unannounced reason for loss.

If this is to be the case, then I propose that a storage system be made for fleets (or individual players) to have the ability to store doffs that are not immediately needed for current projects.

This would eliminate any waste and the related unhappy customer experiences involving items that do not get sold and are not returned with the message stating they are being returned.
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05-26-2013, 04:00 PM
Or alternatively, implement the idea by one of the devs:
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The following is just an IDEA, please don't take it as a promise of any potential changes. Just something I'd like to float past you, for feedback.

Altering the drop tables of the Doffs would be an extremely time-intensive procedure, with minimal payoff for the average player. So, as an alternate option, what would happen if the "Medical Duty Officers" requirements on certain Projects was expanded to include "Science and Medical Duty Officers"?

Would that address this concern in an equitable manner?
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06-06-2013, 01:22 AM
I just come to the forum to write about this, when i saw this topic.

We are small fleet. ~10-15 active players. We are doing the projects one by one. Tier 4 Tactical then Tier 4 Engineering, we are doing now Tier 4 Science. Instructions are while we do Tier 4 Sci (all has their DOF's in there mail) everyone to save TAC, SEC, ENG and OPS DOFS for next projects to Tier 5. You do the math how much DOFF's we need per project. For Tier 4 projects ~70+60 = 130 DOF's EACH DAY !!! Small fleet as us, cannot do all 3 projects per day (not enough fleet marks / dilithium)

So a question Cryptic.. where do you think we can find in one day 140 DOFs from the same category each day?? What to do with the dofs we do not need in that moment??

This will be the end of the small fleets or
This will be the end of the gamers who instead to enjoy the game, will be disappointing in the fleet failure.

Possible solutions:

- UNLIMITED FLEET CARGO BAY where players can contribute stuff (including DOFs) that in the moment projects dont require and fleet CO can put them in the projects when needed, or it can be done automatically)

- Reduce DOF contributions to 5-10 DOF's

- return the old mail unlimited system

So.. dont let the small fleet to die, coz having star trek online only 3-4 big fleets, wont be in any interest.

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06-06-2013, 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by latinumbar View Post
Or alternatively, implement the idea by one of the devs:

*sigh* almost two months since then, and each day that Cryptic delays on doing something adds half a day to my fleet getting to tier 5.

other fair (for the majority of players) suggestions are balance doff inputs with the drop rates or allowing us to purchase specific department doffs from the starbase. Doing any of the three suggestions would return the exchange to normal(ish, depending on which one), empty mailboxes and make a lot of people happy.

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