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# 1 LTS / Gold extras
05-22-2013, 01:51 PM
Ellos...ZMacZ Furreh here..

I just (re-) checked the extras provided by the subscriptions.

The actual benefits (difference with FTP and silver) would be:
(taking into account that some restrictions fade after 20 hrs gameplay)

- Energy Cap increase from 10M to 1B.

- One (?) char slot.

- One bridge officer slot.

- 30 inventory slots.

- 60 Bank inventory slots.

- 1 free retrain token per rank (so 6 in all IF you go old/LTS early..)

- free foundry access (+8 slots), but most people don't create much on here..

- veteran awards

- unlimited customer service (but that's only usefull if you have trouble to begin with.)

- 500 free zen per month. (actual worth $5 )

Now although this list makes it appear worthwhile, for seasoned players they know better..
And I'm sorry to say that...

Don't you think that an actual TANGIBLE benefit would work better ?

I'd say something like doubling the daily limit for DIL refining...
Or adding GOLD missions..(only playable for GOLD players..)
Personally I'd love to have a de-restriction on playing Gorn-minefield...
(So it would be playable solo...with the drops and mission success rewards to match..)

Another benefit might be that instead of getting regular fleet reinforcements,
one might be able to get reinforcements in the shape of one your own ships in your account as a backup..
led by one of your BOFFS..like the away team on the ground..

Now THAT would be an FANTASTIC benefit...

I know one thing though...if the actual benefits don't get changed it's gonna be a hard sell..
(at least in my case..)

Now instead of adding "YAY's" or "I agrees" as replies, please refrain from doing so...
Add a reply ONLY if it's an idea that could be a nice counter weight for spending the cash on going Gold or LTS...(and don't make it pike-dreams, plz, so no 10K ZEN kinda deals.)

Thanx for reading through till the end..

Admiral ZMacZ Furreh, signing off..

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# 2
05-22-2013, 02:48 PM
Worth noting that for 'upgrades' like the extra inventory/bank/account space : going 'gold' for a single month then reverting to silver lets you keep all those slots.

It also wont remove any character/bridge officer slots if you use them while gold and go back to silver

Only thing on the features matrix gold vs silver list that actually requires gold or perm unlock is the energy credit cap : which is easy/cheap enough to buy zen/farm dil for.

For Veteran rewards the timer doesnt tick when your silver (obviously) but you wont ever lose access to your rewards

So yeah, going gold for more than a single month is pretty worthles: being a lifer is far more attractive ( insta-all vet rewards, gold acccount anyway )
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# 3
05-22-2013, 03:49 PM
It's fine the way it is .
If you do a search, you can find many detailed cost-benefit analysis. Basically, the more alts you have the better value it is. Everyone plays this game differently and finds value in different things.

Some people are happy buying the Romulan pack.
Some are happy being gold.
I'm a happy former silver player who just went life.

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