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Hi everyone,

Yes this is a bit long, but I know what I like and want in a fleet/group. Its well worth the read and please don't waste my time or yours (I know recruiting is hard but its worth it to find the right people that fit) with spamming potential recruits.

I came back to the game a little while ago after seeing all the new content and finding it to be very enjoyable. I was a beta player, and subscriber. I took a break when the content stopped coming out for a while, and life got in the way. I'm a lifetime member with the delta rising and legacy packs. I have 2 level 51+ toons and a Romulan I am leveling also.

I play both Federation and Romulan aligned with fed, and I have a Klingon character, though its an old toon back when the Klingons were being introduced to the game. My Romulan tactical has been my recent focus because it is new content.

A little about me: I'm over 41 with a life outside the game. I work nights in Aviation. I normally play flight sims and some FPS games and some MMO's. I play games for fun, and I'm not so worried about winning or stats. I consider it worthwhile if its been a fun time with friends. I like to contribute and help out and have fun with others and help others have fun.

I'm in the Eastern US, but I play in the morning and during the day alot, and into the evenings on my days off, and they do vary.

What I am wanting is MULTIGAME group (preferably with preparations for Star Citizen) an ENGLISH speaking fleet that is active on TS (or other voice comms). A fleet that is established, (6 months old, preferably at least a year even if its outside of STO) with active people playing varied times that like to do things together, or at least be on comms.. A fleet that also plays other games is a HUGE plus and preferred because it is fun to play something from time to time from a primary game. People that you can call friends and look forward to BS'ing on TS, and playing some in the process.

First and foremost I want a FUN clan that is MATURE 18+ (21+ even better since they tend to be a better fit for me) and isn't full of a bunch of chipmunks (members kids the exception of course if they are mature) With this maturity comes an expectation of respect. Yes I don't mind swearing at times, and I even do it from time to time, but I like it to be a respectful reasonable level, that isn't so overwhelming that its the majority of comms. A group that realizes we play games to get away from the real world bs. A group that has the maturity that if someone doesn't like a non game topic that it gets dropped and back to havin fun with the game.

If you think you would be a fit, please drop me a message and why. A link to yalls recruitment thread and website would be great too. My ID is @shadowmech73


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I put myself in queue after your post, because I am looking for a Romulan fleet too and I have exactly your same needs.
You have described largely my own characteristics. Also I am over 40, I prefer to play in PVE missions, and I do not want to spend the time to talk and discuss in TS or Mumble.
If there is a Romulan fleet of mature people who also accepts lone wolves, I would be happy to be a part of that.
Obviously, even if it is not pretty clear from what I have just written, if I should be part of any group, I would accept and would respect the rules of that fleet.
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01-14-2015, 12:13 AM
Drop me a mail @comrademoco in game...

Fleet Admiral of The 1st Fleet...

I rather you guys experience The 1st Fleet that putting bs here...

Also did a reply to ksetuni's fed fleet request thread.

See ya in game.

P.s. we do have a site if you wanna drop by and check it out. ./http://the1stfleet.enjin.com/
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