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Unsure if one of these is a bug (may be a mission specific thing Id missed), and currently unable to get ingame to /bug it so posting details of 3 issues I had with the quest here for now.

For reference, I was doing the mission solo.

On entering the base at the start of the "A Diplomatic Solution" quest in the Kuvah'Magh mission chain, I entered the base on my own, after an incredibly long load in.
Assuming the long load in had just masked a problem with entering the map as my ship before loading my character, I beamed out and then used the option to resume the mission from the sector map.

Load took a while again this time, but I beamed into the base with my full away team. Part way through clearing the first room however I realised my away team were completely unresponsive and weren't even showing up on my UI. Managed to clear the room, and rescue the first diplomat with no problems, and my immobile away team drew all the aggro from the group of gorn adds that beamed in after that, so I was able to deal with them with no problems.

Rather than running to the back room, I headed down the ramp towards the final room and got slapped with a photon grenade from the hostiles there. I was crouched and attempting to switch weapons as it hit, and had pressed Z a few times as the client was a little laggy and hadnt responded to it. I think it was tied up trying to fire from both of my weapons at once. Instead of doing damage, the grenade flipped me out of the way, as normal, and I then found Id been kind of flipped into space UI mode. My avatar remained, although the clothing changed back to my basic, unarmoured uniform, and my quick slots switched to the space UI like when you beam in as your ship. Movement was similarly affected, and whilst I had no shields, my health was barely registering damage, and I can only assume my health had gone up to the 10000 odd that my ship would normally have.

Unable to beam out due to being in combat, I ran around at ultra-slow speed triggering all the available nasties so that they could strip my health faster and after a good 5-10 minutes I died and was able to respawn. The bug remained at respawn but I was able to beam out.

Beaming back in my away team was still completely unresponsive but I was (with much difficulty) just barely able to solo the rest of the mission.

To summarise then:

1) On initial load in, I had no away team.

2) On beaming out and back in, my away team was present and capable of drawing aggro, but would not move or fight, or run to waypoints. Repeated beam outs and back ins did not clear it, but this may be because the mission is not meant for away teams, in which case this probably isnt clear enough.

3) On being hit by a grenade whilst stuck trying to change weapons, I was bumped into partial space mode with what appeared to be the same stats as my ship.
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# 2
01-18-2010, 12:07 PM
I'm also experiencing this issue, and finding it impossible to do solo. Basically this mission is, for the moment at least, unbeatable for me.
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# 3
01-18-2010, 07:34 PM
If you beam in without an away team type in /fillpetteamlist
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01-18-2010, 08:15 PM
I beamed out and went back in and they came with the second try.

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