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# 1 Jolan Tru 216th Omega Armada
05-25-2013, 03:14 PM
The 216th Omega Armada is an expanding Fleet that encourages all types of players to join. New players will be an invaluable asset to the Armada, as we have several experienced players that are happy to help you out if needed.

The Armada wanted to establish more of a canon-type war fleet that has strong influence and structure adopted from the Ancient Spartans.

A Spartan infused Armada, whose goal is to destroy our enemies, PvE and PvP alike.

Would you rather be in a passive Fleet that bends to the will of oppressors, or would you rather join the Armada who will see everyone that stands in the way destroyed!

For more information, message me ingame, (Taortuu@necrOS15, MiniSpartanQueen or MiniSpartanKing) or on the forum. Also, you may contact the other Armada Commander (Phaeon@Phaeon, Latta, Azlee)

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