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Hey everyone. I'm just getting back into the game a bit after being away for some time (took a break a short time after fleet stations were released). Before I left I was trying to gear out my ship and captain.
My current build is here -> http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?...currentbuild_0
I'm here to ask what I can do to improve my current build and suggestions on what I should do now in game. Before I left I spent most of my time running borg and fleet missions and tried my hand in pvp but I was usually devastated in the latter.

I also have mkI borg deflector+shield, 3x borg antiproton dual cannons, and 3x mkII bork antiproton turrets if they would be of any use.

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05-23-2013, 10:02 AM
There are some pretty glaring issues with that build.

-You have Torpedo High Yield 2, Beam Overload 1, and Beam Target Shields 1, yet you don't have any beams or torpedoes equipped.

-You have a photon detonation assembly, yet again, no photon torpedoes.

I made a new build you may want to try. I kept all the same weapons, Engineering Boff slots, sci consoles and eng. consoles.

Things I changed:

-all of your Tactical Boff powers (the redundancy of the three tactical teams can't be helped in an all cannon build on this ship). Use Tac Team any time you come under fire to quickly distribute your shield power to the facing that is being hit.

-switched Science Team with Transfer Shield Strength because Sci Team shares a global cooldown with Tactical Team, and you should be cycling two Tac Teams pretty much constantly.

-put in two more disruptor consoles in place of the point defense and photonic projectile console

-put a borg deflector in place of the maco deflector because the borg 2-piece set bonus is much better than the 2-piece maco set bonus


If you find yourself dying too much, you could replace Eject Warp Plasma with either Emergency Power to Shields 3 or Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field 2. And for PvP, you would want to switch the Cannon Scatter Volley 1 for a Cannon Rapid Fire 1.

As for what you should be doing, you probably want to get into a fleet that has their starbase well under way and start earning Fleet Credits. You can buy various stuff from both the fleet starbase and fleet embassy that is better than what you have now. Those weapons are fine for STFs, but they fall pretty short if you want to try your hand at PvP. Also, you'll probably want to start working on that reputation system. You can get some nifty gear through that as well, such as the Zero Point Energy Conduit.

Also, I didn't mess with your skill-tree, but it could definitely be improved. If you're willing to respec I could give you suggestions on that as well.

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05-23-2013, 11:52 AM
Arhh, I didn't mean to put 4 cannons in that build, its supposed to be 3 + phot torp mkI borg. Thats why I'm have the point defense, photon detonation assembly and then boff yield/spread. With that said I dunno if its still worth it, to me it seems to help a lot with that extra burst of damage.

As for the other changes, I agree with swaping out the beam skills (I dunno what I was thinking when I took them), taking the borg deflector, and swapping sci team for transfer shield.

For my skills, if you could give me a rundown of what to change I might consider getting a reset. (I have 2k zen currently, I was thinking about saving up for another ship or something but if my build is wonky I would take fixing that over a ship and I -do- have the points to just get the fleet upgrade of my escort)

Finally, what weapons/ship upgrades should I be aiming for in the long run?
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06-04-2013, 03:03 AM
Ive updated a few more things since my last post, my new build is here: http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skil...uild=kelunew_0

Id still like advice for my captain's skill build and if I should swap my photon for all cannons? Like I said, I feel as though its a nice extra punch but If running all cannons for more sustained fire would be better then let me know. I also did a bit of a dps test (as best as one can do) and it seemed like I was getting about 5k dps (I dunno if this is good or not).

Anyways, any advice is much appreciated. Thank you and anyone else who may read/respond for you time.
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06-04-2013, 11:14 AM
Not bad. I believe that you are planning on replacing the final two turrets with Fleet as soon as you can afford it, correct? And 5K is pretty good.

Drop the Field Emitters in favor of Emitter Arrays, especially since your running a 2 piece Borg set. It will boost the regeneration of the shield and maximum of your shields.

Don't worry about the other combat pets for the moment, focus on getting the Romulan Rep up to Tier 5 for the Elite Scorpion Fighters. They are about the best fighters in the game at the moment.

Last, on who you have in the Commander Tac slot, retrain their Tac Team for Torpedo: Hi Yield 1. That way your not running a 3rd, and useless, copy of Tac Team, and you can increase your burst DPS.

I have made some modifications to your skill tree and ship setup that should help you out.


Check it out and have fun.
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06-04-2013, 12:36 PM
I've never felt comfortable getting rid of a forward torpedo and going all cannons, or cannons plus DBB. Too much power drain on alpha strikes (especially if using CRF/BO), and even torp spread 1 does a good amount of damage to a group.

Plus, since I only need to use 1 tac team (2 purple conn officers) unless I want to have 3 attack patterns I need to use torpedoes to have the BOFF skills, since more than 2 of a specific weapon type ability is wasted due to shared cooldowns.

This is what I use for my Heavy Escort Carrier, I can go 2-3 STF's in a row without dying. I've never bothered to get a DPS meter, but you can see I favor an AOE-heavy rotation. I also prefer lower-rank weapon skills with higher rank attack patterns, I feel its mostly a personal choice though, CRF3 is very attractive.

APO is almost mandatory for me to break tractors, the damage buff is just gravy.

Cmdr - TT1, CSV1, APO1, APB3
Lt - TS1, CSV1
Ens - TS1

Lt - EPtS1, RSP1, Aux2SIF2
Lt - TSS1, HE2

3 DHC, 1 quantum in the bow, with turrets and a KCB in the aft. Quantums are superior to photons if you plan on using two (and only two, since you aren't using more, right?!) Boff skills, because a spread or high yield quantum will do far more damage than photons, even factoring in the faster reload, AND assuming 100% facetime on an enemy.

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08-19-2013, 12:40 AM
I usually use my HEC for PvE and STFs, my build is (soon to be)
Fore: dual heavy AP cannons x3, omega plasma torpedo x1
Aft: AP turret x2, KCBx1
Hanger: elite scorpion or advanced shield repair drones, depending on the mission
I have the MACO set and the omega adapted Borg set and my boffs are:
PH1, HE2
I have my DPS clocking in at around 6.5K and it works well in pretty much every STF except hive onslaught (which is a joke) and crystaline entity which render my shields useless
I'm an engineering and hit miracle worker when sh*t goes south, or evasive the hell out of there
Basically my playing style is wired to two keys, the key of mass destruction, which activates all my buffs, TTs, CSV, TS, and crowd control stuff, and the key of absolute domination, which activates TT, CRF, THY, and buffs. This works well with me able to kill cubes alone if I have to and control massive crowds. as for PvP, I don't have any comments regarding that as all I do in PvP is sit ducks and listen to my damage reports...
U.S.S. Omega
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08-19-2013, 06:54 AM
so I took a minute to look through this and adjust it to be closer to the setup that I use myself, I haven't parsed it in ages but i remember 5k being a number i'd see on a slow day XD


you're going to want 2x PWO on that and if you can the attack pattern doff for the other three, APB is big since it helps both you and your pets, I personally used phasers because i have the phaser point defense as well, the adapted maco set is a given for anything torp heavy with its +25% bonus torp damage

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