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When I did this mission in OB, there was something about the mission that just didn't set right with me, but as I couldn't pinpoint what it was, I let it slide.

I ran the mission on Live yesterday and I figured out what wasn't clicking with me. When you click an interactive, namely the Repair Console tasks, your Science officer gives you the analysis and your response to it seems a bit whiny. I can't recall the exact wording, but things like "Maybe if those ships had been around, we'd have had a better chance against the Tal Shiar" and "Too bad the water supply didn't have microbes in it".

OK...I understand that my character would have still been a bit upset about having their home attacked in the fashion that occurred. But, said character is also Romulan and, although they are an emotional people, I never once saw one portrayed as a petulant child, which is how those statements my character made came off sounding to me.

With the main character being un-voiced, it's possible that the text of those replies could be made a bit more stoic (not completely, but eliminate the whininess of them). Heck, Tovan, who seems to be a bit more emotional most of the time, seemed to handle the aftermath of Virinat a lot better than I did.

I'm enjoying the story so far (played it a bit further in OB), but this small issue seemed to be a bit out of place and very out of character for the PC.

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