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I was curious to find out what kind of skin the Photonic Science Officer would have for the Romulan faction.

When I investigated the issue, it just said, choose Starfleet or KDF Photonic Science Officer.
I didn't look into the Liberated Borg Engineer, but I assume the same deal applies.

I find this disappointing, because I was hoping by rolling Romulan faction characters, they would have unique versions of these BOFFs, not just the ones from Factional Alignment.

In particular, I wanted a Liberated Borg Romulan Engineer BOFF for a concept I had for a pair of BOFFs.
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05-23-2013, 09:46 PM
The Borg Reman Tactical Officer is Romulan-specific. The Holographic Tactical Officer can't be opened until you join an ally, then you get whatever that ally's version is.

That second one kind of irked me too, but I'll live. None the less it's a little disappointing it doesn't have a Romulan-specific skin. Especially since there's no way to preview it without unpacking it, so it's not like you could change your mind on that one.

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