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I just make some funny post sometimes so I thought this might be funny too.

It's almost the kids bed time!

You know the ones I am talking about. the ones that will go to school tomorrow and say I was in the beta test last night!

did they post ingame "green bug" ....... no

They just want that Cruiser!

In a few hours they will brush their teeth and their momma's will send them to bed.

Then the sneaking little kids will try to put on their headphones and log back in and keep PLAYING ....not testing...

I have no hard feelings towards them. They love this game like the rest of us. But its so nice around 3 AM CST when they finally have to sleep and we don't lose connection when zoning.

Once Cryptic gets the new servers installed this will all change but for now it's great that the kids aren't getting any sleep and I wonder how many have got their butts whipped when the got caught at their computers in the middle of the night when they should have been sleeping?

It's all good fun.

I'm off to get my last 8000 points in BF2 and then I'm General....

I'll test this later when the kids finally get put down.


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