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# 1 Fleet Controls / Customisation
06-11-2013, 09:28 AM
This topic must have been covered quite a few times, but again even after the LoR this area seems to be absent of any improvements.

I don't know what we can do to really grab Cryptic's attention with this, as they seem to be only focused on something that makes them money i.e Reputation System etc. Now I understand they need to make an income being on a F2P model, but I'm also a strong believer of quality service & a happy customer will also help you generate income.

Now despite the new UI, I still find the whole fleet interface very very archaic. It lacks control and it lacks depth. These are the following things I would like to see added:

More Fleet Ranks or Unlimited Ranks (This doesn't really pull on resources, 7 is not enough)

Fleet Awards (Awards you can customise and give to members, maybe member of the month in game. We use this in our fleet on the site anyway, but nice to see in game too)

More Controls Over Permissions (I would love to be able to assign permissions to an individual and also control how many items people can buy from the fleet store on a daily basis)

Fleet Store Log
(Really Cryptic? No Fleet Store Log yet? You know to make sure all my members have a fair chance of getting their fleet gear I have to track the stock on a weekly basis and have my members post what they use. You have this for the Fleet Bank, why not the store?)

Customisation Fleet Emblem (More options please)

More Fleet Uniforms
(It would be nice to get a decent list of uniforms only available to fleets that would make fleets and different fleets more identifiable)

Starbase / Embassy Customisation (It would be nice to customise areas and choose where the special project add-ons go. It would also be nice to have our Fleet Banner hanging from ceiling instead)

There we have it. Some are more of a priority than others, but that is just an idea of what I'd like to see. The fleet ranks annoys me to no end and so does the permissions. Please feel free to give constructive feedback and tell me what you think


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