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I had a theory, since My 1st toon was a Romulan and the autofire/ right click didn't work.
it was due to a bad or interupted download.
So, I un installed the game twice, forgetting the bug stays with the cryptic server not my computer.

So, after the 3rd install, I simply, deleted the Romulan Tac character, the theory was correct, autofire was only malfunctioning with that character.
the strange thing was I had made a klingon character before the romulan Tac officer deletion. just to see if the theory was correct. It was, the fed toon I had before the Legacy of Romulus, exhibitted no signs of bugs, even close to that.

the theory went, if Right-Click works on the Federation and Klingon packs, then the bug is in the
1st Tac Officer I created.
I created an Engineering Rmulan officer, I tested out his Autofire Abilities with his ship.
they work fine.

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