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# 1 Shopping List
08-05-2013, 04:16 PM
So I was really bored and wanted to figure out how many commodities and such it would take to level up all 3 of the reps. I know Stowiki has a nice layout for per rep but I wanted a full shopping list so I grabbed the calculator and started adding and figuring out cost so this it what I got:

Time Frame:
3 Days @ T0 End With 8,400 Experience
4 Days @ T1 End With 19,600 Experience
6 Days @ T2 End With 36,400 Experience
10 Days @ T3 End With 64,400 Experience
13 Days @ T4 End With 100,800 Experience

Now I know it only takes 2 days to get to tier one but if you always queue up a mission before hand you could save yourself some EC and marks and that is the way I based all my figures on.

Expertise: 1,502,400
Omega Marks: 1,654
Nukera Marks: 1,654
Romulan Marks: 1,654
Energy Credits: 6,431,550
(5,638,200 With Tuffli, D'kora, Cell Ship 20% Sector Space Discount)

This is just for the experience missions and the level up missions.

Shopping List:

This is arranged by:
(# of Inventory slots Needed)(Commodity Name) : (Number Needed)*(Price from within the tuffli)=(Total EC needed)

1 Antigens: 75*300=22,500
1 Astrometric Probes: 240*300=72,000
3 Entertainment Provision: 650*600=390,000
13 Industrial Energy Cells: 3,245*300=973,500
1 Industrial Replicators: 60*600=36,000
2 Medical Supplies: 320*75=24,000
2 Provisions: 320*75=24,000
2 Seismic Stabilizers: 380*750=285,000
2 Shield Generators: 350*75=26,250
5 Stem Bolts: 1,020*600=612,000
2 Terraforming Systems: 390*900=351,000
3 Warp Coils: 650*600=390,000
1 Water Purification Systems: 195*300=58,500
5 Weather Control Systems: 1,170*600=702,000

137 Major Regenerators: 2,730*400=1,092,000
72 Large Hypo: 1,430*320=457,600
72 Large Power Cell: 1,430*320=457,600
72 Large Shield Charge: 1,430*320=457,600

Yep I was bored Enjoy hope my boredom is at least helpful for others just starting the rep grind

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