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# 1 Strange loading lag...?
05-24-2013, 10:50 AM
Hey everyone.

This isn't a complaint thread, I'm just wondering a few things. Namely if there's a known with loading screens and/or certain hardware setups. Whenever I start to load a new zone, the loading percentage will crawl to two percent over two or three minutes, then shoot up to 98 at what I presume is a normal speed before crawling the rest of the way... I've been having this issue for the past month or so, so I'm fairly certain it's my computer and not just the expansion or the servers in general.

I can post a DxDiag or whatever you all might need to glance at. Thanks so much!

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# 2
05-24-2013, 11:23 AM
Try enabling 'Disable on-demand patching' (Launcher - Options)


The game heavily uses 'instancing', so sometimes there's a pause as the server allocates resources for you.


You're running out of virtual memory or some other constraint. When you are running the game, run Task Manager, look in the Performance tab and click on Resource Monitor. See if there's anything that's close to 100%.


Also, what's slow for another is speedy for someone else. 2-3 mins does seem a bit much.

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