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# 1 Jarring ship experience
05-24-2013, 12:56 PM
First and foremost I would like to say I like the update, despite having to be tagged into Starfleet or the KDF, I am enjoying myself.

There is one thing that is a bit out of place for me however, and thats the progression of Romulan ships. At level 20 I was flying warbird with a turn of 14 (I think it was?) and I built my crew skills, captain skills and weaponry to match an escort type of play style. Level 30 comes along and i get my new romulan ship is available! Woot! but wait..its a cruiser with a turn radius of 5, err ok well that is not a escort type ship so lets go on to the..wait thats my only romulan choice.

That there is my problem. Now yes i can go with a Starfleet escort or a raptor from the KDF but seriously, If I wanted to play those ships I wouldent be on a romulan. Even more so I could not imagine why the heck either Starfleet or the KDF would ever trust the romulans enough to let them captain a ship in their fleet, they are not even really allies, and the romulans do not answer to either faction.

Granted its a minor complaint to an otherwise well done expansion, but I feel its bad enough romulans are playing both sides. I'm sorry I meant both sides in a WAR (Seriously, that seems like bad planning on the part of the republic, "You go klingon, you go federation. If you see each other again, kill each other.") that the romulans said they never wanted to get involved in, Do not also make us have to use their ships just to fill in 'fleet' gaps

Otherwise well done!

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