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05-24-2013, 02:01 PM
This is your ship without reputation items
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05-24-2013, 02:05 PM
Hmm maby. And I have Warp core stuff maxed along with most of the other hull and shield skills to. :S We will see what its like at 50 I guess.
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05-24-2013, 10:30 PM
also remember, while those singularity abilities are nice, there is a serious trade off for using them.

While the core is recharging your warbird is extremely fragile.
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05-27-2013, 12:48 AM
Agreed, the D'deridex class is a joke. It moves entirely too slow to be effective and is so underpowered in the weapons department that if I weren't dying 20 times per battle I'd be laughing. I expected the formidable warship of star trek and I got a underpowered, under gunned POS.
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05-27-2013, 01:37 AM
I think the NPC's have been given a buff. They are far too co-ordinated. When playing "The Devils Choice", Even I noticed that as soon as i get close, I get hit with a viral matrix, then as soon as it passes, I get hit with another. I was almost permanently under the spell of a viral matrix, and I still managed to take the command ship out in two sittings.

Those Elachi "Tron guns" which charge up and blast at you, I hate 'em! Even If you get out of its firing path, It will still re-establish a lock on you, unless you get your evasive maneuvers in early...

D'Deridex = Awesome.
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05-27-2013, 01:51 AM
Originally Posted by ashkrik23 View Post
Well I've heard there was a change in NPC behavior. Could be that. Some are hitting harder than normal rumor has it.
Well I can confirm this as I am getting defeated in missions where it wasn't happening before. The Carraya System I have been defeated on the first two ships even being one shotted by a torp attack from the escort not the D'Deridex ship, it doesn't happen every time. I am not being melodramatic when I say one shotted, I literally mean from full health and shield to my ship going bang. I have had it happen in others too, sattalite repair daily, the distress call one with the neutronium, and quite a few others.

In the Romulan daily patrol missions this also sems to affect the Enterprise when it warps into help you. I have seen that ship one shot the enemies too whereas before it didn't do that. Again this doesn't happen everytime.

It is becuse it doesn't happen every time I am wondering if it is a loading bug and when entering it is loading the harder versions of the mission instead of the normal ones even when you are set on normal.

Now I can understand them tweaking it so a group of ships presents a bit of a challange and keeps you on your toes, but to be one shotted is just a tad of over tweaking if it is intentional.
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05-27-2013, 02:30 AM
there are some bugs with bleedthrough, torp spread seems to be the culprit (sommetimes, it's not consistent) as if it's not calcing the shields being there. and that 40 power for all systems makes them squishier than fed or klingon of the same class. less resistance and strength to shields, less healing from aux, it all adds up to a ship that just doesn't have enough when singularity charge(s) are down.

requires a lot more thinking to run a warbird than any other factions ships. singularity abilities are the only saving grace, warp shadows, quantum absorption your 2 best friends. rep gear will help a lot, since quite a bit of it adds small bonuses to different sub-systems.

think the singularity cores need tweaked though, since they only give a bonus (the low end versions) of 5-15 depending on charge to one subsystem, that only brings that one sub-system (if you have charges) in line with other factions power curves, and only +5 over if holding max charge. since resistances, damage and heals are based off sub system power...

as soon as you use an ability, back to less than every other faction, and have to wait for it to cd and recharge. and still less than every other faction except in that one sub-system when you have charges. even with rep will never equal the other factions ships.

and this is the empire that had the federation and klingons worried for so long...
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05-27-2013, 02:46 AM
Lag might be also to blame. I have noticed that small lag spikes can turn in to one shots for some reason. Like if client or sever had issues with proper calculation of damage done to ship during those.

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