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Originally Posted by lordfuzun View Post
The phasing cloak in the game is more limited then you think. It's not going to allow player's to move through any of the map objects (i.e. asteroids, planets, etc). BEcaue one teh cloak is off, the player is now stuck inside of the object. And the player is all but immune to weapon fire, and the player can fire freely through the object their are stuck in.
Yup. I've had this happen with the Jump console too. (Got trapped inside a Borg Pickle once, that was an amusing match~)
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05-27-2013, 03:03 AM
Originally Posted by rrincy View Post
phase cloaking is in the game already ...

console on the D?ridthau Warbird Battle Cruiser
From the description and what was said in "The Next Phase" it's clearly the Romulan Interphase cloak.

The point of the Federation version was to build a single device that both cloaked and put the ship out of phase at once.
The Interphase cloak the Romulans were testing was more like an "upgrade" to an already existing cloak model...just like the console.
But given it's on a limited time basis and was never adopted as the standard for all Romulan ships it's probably still unstable.

And the Federation version is no more advanced that the once the Klingons for example use.

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