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# 1 Lag in Ireland
05-26-2013, 03:14 PM
Sorry if this is wrong area to post this or has already been stated, but something that's been happening to me a lot recently is that I start getting serious lag in the afternoon. I live in Ireland (Europe, for those without a map), and the internet in Ireland isn't the best nationwide.So I log in in the morning, everything is fine and smooth and perfect, but usually between 2-5 I start to get serious lag and server not responding message, even getting completely disconnected from the server and being unable to log in for half an hour or so. It was alright this weekend because I was able to play in the mornings, but I've got school during the week and by the time I'm finished school and homework, I'll be lucky to log in. I'm fairly certain this is due to the large amount of players in the US logging in, so please, Cryptic, is there anything you can do or does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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