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Do the traits that increase expose chance and damage as well as critical chance (Lucky, Limited Telepathy, acute senses, etc) also extend those bonuses to our turrets and drone pets? Does the trait creative extend the healing bonus to the shield/hp regeneration fabrications?

I'm having a very hard time deciding what ground traits to give my engineer since he literally is a turret-builder and heal-turret builder. Taking the traits mentioned above would be of very little worth if they dont extend to the stuff i build in game or my pets.

Also, as far as traits go... why isn't the joined trill species reflecting its innate advantage? You guys gave them the same trait slots as other races and there is zero advantage in making a joined trill over a regular trill when it comes to trait selection/choice.

Why don't you fellas re-make the joined trill trait to reflect the true nature of the joined trill: it can have experiences (traits) from past lifetimes.

So why not give joined trills access to all class traits (engineer/science/tactical) so they can choose from them? After all, in the trek tv series the joined trill was always shown as transferring skills seamlessly between 'professions' ... when Riker (a tactical type for sure) got the worm in his gut he became a diplomat and science officer. When Jadzia (sci) received the dax symbiont she go kurzon's diplomatic and klingon melee combat skills (tactical) from him. When dax was passed to Ezri (a counselor) she became a sci officer plus had all the tactical klingon melee knowledge passed down to her as well.

Make it so!
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05-27-2013, 06:22 PM
The creative trait is probably broken. See this post from the Tribble forums:

The new trait system probably has quite a few bugs. I would not respec until they fix them.
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05-28-2013, 06:47 AM
a dev answer would be appreciated. Documentation in game on this is..lacking

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