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Not sure how far the Dev's have got in tracing this down, but just come across a some info they will hopefully find useful in hunting down the bug.

Got a couple of Exchange returned e-mails which seem to have generated 2 copies of each (one with the returned item, one without). Anyhow when I hold the cursor over the "From" box, one of them states "Sent from Exchange from the Holodeck Server" this one will not delete. The second one states "Sent from Exchange from the Server" and will delete. Noting the difference here being the reference to Holodeck.

Also just self mailed a couple of test e-mails to my character which come as "Sent from Character@Handle from the Server" and will also delete.

So hope this helps in tracking down the bug.
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Bug Ticket #1690603 - Submitted Wed 5/22/2013 at around 8:40 PM (PST) on Holodeck via /Bug

Title: In Game Mail System Still Messed Up

Full Description:
There are some e-mails I still cannot delete; and further, some e-mails that I know for a fact that have items attached, but DO NOT show those items when I actually go to an in game mailbox; select "Access Mail" then "Send Receive Mail" and click on/highlight the in game mail item that should have an item attached. Earlier tonight, I got some items returned from the Exchange due to sale expiration; and some of those e-mail had items attached, and others did not. I was able to delete those e-mails though.
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# 3 When will mail be fixed????
05-23-2013, 02:31 PM
When will the mail be fixed? my box is full of mail I cant delete , plus I had several very rare mark XII items on exchange for sale. When the sale ended the items were lost and not returned to me due the the mail service not working. I do not like loosing valuable and useful very rare expensive equipment due the mail service not working correctly
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# 4
05-23-2013, 02:41 PM
you can take off the item before it expire and put it on again.
But the mail system must be fixed; i got a lot of mails i want delete.
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# 5
05-23-2013, 03:29 PM
I also have the same mail problem. I'm not in the same situation as the gentleman above, but yes, its annoying and i have also lost a lock box transferring between characters.. Doubt it was worthwhile, but could have had a ship in it.. will never know now.

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# 6
05-23-2013, 03:34 PM
A work around, That I have found, is to swap over to CO, which I also play, and delete mail from there. Might be helpful till Cryptic gets the STO mail fixed. Just need to make sure you are deleting mail you have already taken items off in STO
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# 7
05-23-2013, 03:40 PM
thanks for the Workaround.

...and thanks to the Mods & Devs for Zero Informations about Bugfixing Progress today.
Space-Skills broken.
Consoles broken.
Mails broken.
Lootsystem broken (at 20% reduced)
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and no posts related for this mess yet.

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# 8
05-23-2013, 03:45 PM
The mail system may very well be crippled by the stealth nerf Cryptic did to the number of allowed attachments in players mailbox. According to the information available players are now allowed ONLY 100 attachments per character and tho old attachments wont be deleted and new mail received with attachments will be withheld from delivery until room is made to accommodate them.

let cryptic hear you dissatisfaction with this stealth nerf.
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# 9
05-23-2013, 04:04 PM
Lucky for me I noticed the issue before mailing stuff back and forth between chars, but I have the same issue. I like having an empty mailbox and I dread the day that the spammers fill up my mailbox and I can't delete them. Hope they get it fixed soon!
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# 10
05-23-2013, 04:05 PM
Yeah I've stopped posting things on the exchange, temporarily. The backlog of messages when you sell things is getting a little long.

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