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Captain's Log Stardate -309596.88...

This primitive simulation of future Starfleet is, intermittently, being "updated", a word meaning "altered with intended improvements" in this time, by the engineering team responsible for its construction, a group referred to as "Cryptic Studios". Though there have been many recent changes there are still numerous, pre-existing, incongruities within the content of the simulation. Though this record may not survive to reach future Starfleet I would be remiss, if not in dereliction of duty, by failing to report these matters, with hypothesized solutions, as part of my exploration of this "Holodeck".

To future Starfleet personnel reviewing this record, "The Unified Mechanics: Ability Doctrine" or "TUMAD", the topic of this specific log is the captain/bridge-officer ability system. Though captains gain more abilities as they gain rank-tiers, and though their summary pool of abilities becomes more effective as such, bridge-officers abilities are not tied to the rank of the officer but instead the rank of the "slot" the ability was place into. This creates an unnecessary level of complexity, particularly for end-use.

The solution to this incongruity is self-evident; tie the effective-rank for all officer's abilities into the officer's summary rank-tier just as captain's are. This modification will streamline the end-user's ability selection process, making it a simple matter of picking a number of appropriate choices and learning them in whatever order they are most desirable; furthermore it could serve as the foundation for updating the "captain's kit ground system" and would begin to resolve the more pressing issue of disparity that exists between player and starship-class-archetypes in all settings particularly space, the final frontier.

- End Log
- Captain, NX-636366

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