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Really hoping someone can figure this one out because I am outright stumped.

I have STO through Steam and up until yesterday it was working just fine. Now every time i launch it it displays a program crash message reading "CrypticError.exe has stopped working" and I can either close it or look online for a solution, which yields no results. Sometimes this also crashes the launcher and when it doesn't and when I am able to click the Engage button the launcher disappears and the game never launches.

What I have tried:

Using steam's "verify integrity of local game content" utility, have done this several times and each time it will either re-download a file or come back fine, seeing as how it sees patched content as an irregularity it usually downloads the game all over again.

Uninstall/re-install. Done it twice and it has so far produced nothing but the same message over and over again.

Tried tweaking my anti virus/spyware settings, so far this is fixing nothing, however it makes me wonder if it is partially to blame. Since installing STO the program Spy Doctor has been showing something it considers a potentially unwanted program called Application.GameVance which has the description of "A legitimate application under certain circumstances, however some people may find it undesirable"
EDIT: Disabled the anti-virus completely and problem persists.

This is really bothering me, I want back in the beta and I just bought my lifetime sub. What good is a lifetime sub for a game I can't launch? (at least at present)

Fixed it, and for anyone that runs into this odd glitch this is how I did it.

Go into your steam apps, under Common and find STO, then just use the STO launcher shortcut in there. Steam was the entire problem.

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