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When I open up the page with your ground avatar's paper doll (and BOff's and ship too), I cannot "unequip" items in the 4 slots at the bottom (where you would put hypos, shield batteries, etc).

If I left-click and drag to try and drag them out, it activates and uses the item and starts the cooldown. If I right-click on them, the drop down menu only says "cancel". If I "equip" an item from the inventory page (by right-clicking and choosing "equip") it replaces the left-most slot's item, but that it the only one it will move.

This was while in sector space (I like to have my loadouts done before I start a ground mission). Do I need to do this at spacedock or during a ground mission? I was able to unequip things with no problem in the closed beta.

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