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I know there have been a few threads about the TSD, so bear with me, just one idea to run by you:

The low turn rate and DHC capability really don't seem to mix well for a tac, so I was thinking about getting one for my engineer. Instead of using RCS's to try and boost the turn so DHC's would work, I would use single cannons and armor to negate the low turn and offset the lower hull. Maybe Rom plasma and some infused sci consoles to boost DPS.

Im trying to build a escort/cruiser hybrid, sort of a suped up Fleet Adv Heavy Cruiser (what my eng is currently using with Rom beams).

Edit: also have the Adapted Cruiser in storage, would sell it to get the Adapted Destroyer.

Would it work? Losing too much tac? Not enough eng slots? Just flat-out terrible?

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