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I'm Vice Admiral Thomas A. Wolfe commanding the Delta Expeditionary Force (DEF), we are a fleet that is meant for players to come and have fun as well as make use of the added advantages of being in a fleet. We have our own starbase, Starbase 629, which is available to transwarp to, it doesn't have much but I hope it will be expanded some day.

However, the DEF has recently become stagnant and many of its members are no longer active. I would like to expand the fleet so that we can gather resources to build it up and benefit all who are part of it.

Contact me in game at tom@gibbon118200 if you would like to join.

Fleet Level 4
Starbase Tier I - Starbase 629
-Military Tier I
-Engineering Tier I
-Science Tier I

Embassy Tier 0 - New Romulus Embassy
-Diplomacy Tier 0
-Recruitment Tier 0

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