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05-30-2013, 03:03 PM
Go home, Feds-are-underprivileged-post, you're drunk.

Let's just say the feds already had the content you desire. You just didn't notice, because it, you know, was already there.
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05-30-2013, 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Normally its more funny with abundant spelling errors.......
I really shouldn't post on limited sleep.But i couldn't make sense of the OP.
Hypnotoad commands you agree with me!

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05-30-2013, 04:15 PM
Originally Posted by blafi View Post
Troll much?
Wanna find out? Actually trolling is frowned upon, I just like to watch things burn...,
Hypnotoad commands you agree with me!

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05-30-2013, 09:19 PM
if anything the content just needs to be redone.

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05-30-2013, 10:13 PM
I'd like to get back to the Vega Colony. Maybe make that the last big battle when the Iconians take over as the major power. We beat back the Borg and only deal with minor incursions (STF's, the occasional sector alert).
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05-31-2013, 08:02 AM
I'd like to see a new Feature Episode, 6 Missions written with a Fed, KDF and Romulan perspective.

Everyone gets something.
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05-31-2013, 09:35 AM
feds have over 200 unique missions to play and enjoy NOT counting FE's and adveventure zones, STF's a speciall cross faction missions. A lot more ships (unless you want to spend money) More basic costume options for both players and ships. Really come on! Unless your spending money hand over fist in the Cryptic Store you have more content then needed to level. ANd so much more in the way of shinies as to be utterly silly. I can't think of any other multi faction MMO that has such a marked disparity.... and thats WITH the new content the KDF just got.

The OP must be pretty new to STO.

Admittadly a good portion of the Fed content (that no one does any more because the new players follow the mission journal like its holy writ!) is dated.. and could use a good once over, its definatly there, and eminantly still playable..and from a patch last year it doesn't matter what your level is doing the missions, the enemies will scale to your level, including the rewards.

Really, you could level your fed characters another 20 levels easily (if they were there) on all the left over fed content after you hit the level cap.

OP is not a troll. Just youthfull, and not very knowledgable about the game. One is cured over time, the other by application of ones self and enguging in a voyage of discovery..

OP. start hitting star systems in the fed, romulan, and cardassian sector block.. nearly every single star system has a mission that is not recieved from a mission contact.

Been seeing this alot lately with newere fed players... lots of stuff out there in game that simply isn't documented. Need the tribal knowledge to find it..

Khemaraa sends.
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05-31-2013, 09:43 AM
or to put it another way.. What happened to the old federation meem of "Boldly going"? your not going to discover jack if you spend all day hanging out at ESD, or working the exchange.

really folks.. level cap in 40 hours of play.. *sigh*

someday the studio with have sufficient mission content for all the factions that the levelling up process can be SLOWED DOWN! It stupid fast right now. Players are at level cap in a weeks time and discover in thier first STF that they are utterly unprepared for the fight waiting for them.
"I mean to misbehave" -Malcolm Reynolds
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05-31-2013, 09:59 AM
I think the simple answer is a remastering of the fed starting storyline would be nice.

But that goes for a number of quests lines in game, heck say the breen war ones since for example you can't get the lobi crystal off the last mission at the moment anyhow this was irritating but amusing how the heck did they bug that?
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05-31-2013, 10:29 AM
Originally Posted by age03 View Post
Feds need a little more content dealing with thier own epmire than just the borg skirmish in the Vega Colony.

I really enjoyed the new Kdf content of the Empire and the items you get.It appears yuo get a Warp core in it.

I redid the first mission of earth Space dock same reward.It would seem that Fed are at a disadvantage here.

Did coca-cola start putting coke in their soda again and how much of it have you had to drink?

The Federation faction has a huge amount of content. Yeah compared to the new LOR content some of it seems pretty dated, but it is definitely there.

From what has been said LOR was meant to not only bring in the Romulan Faction, but also to get all three factions on the same page as it were. From the next season on we should be seeing new content that continues the storyline on all three factions so there will be brand new content coming if that's what you were referring to.

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