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I would rather see everyone get a unique storyline and each faction remain a seperate faction. The missions that are on both KDF and fed could very easily become a side story line. Not play fed and then roll a KDF/Romulan and get a handfull of new content at the start then repeat content you already did once. Then buy more character slots? maybe in a couple monthes when the content may feel a little fresh.

KDF definatly needs more outfit choices and romulans are seriously hurting for ships. The choices a Romulan has for a token are a bad joke since you really only have 4 from 1 to 40 with the last one in 3 variants. If anything they couldve atleast did 1 of each class in BOFF and console layouts since they have no excuse for not doing just that.

As for consoles from C store ships each faction should have a variation of that console just to maintain balance, does not have to be exactly the same and most assured should not be exactly the same.

OP is right about the warp core repeatable from the mission, KDF and Romulans get a repeatable warp core so fed should have gotten one as well even though the mission one isnt all that great, still sometimes you dont want to buy gear when leveling.
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Originally Posted by queeg9000 View Post
Klingon's as I understand it didn't even really get any new content they got old fed content.
They got some realy grat content and the best tutorial of them all rom being second.

Fed tutorial predates all the way back to day 1 in beta and back then there was no thought of doing STFs which we all know how the borg are today.
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