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# 1 Hyper-Plasma torp bug?
05-30-2013, 09:50 AM
In addition to the other large bugs caused by the latest expansion like the not being able to delete mail thing I've been dealing with a strange bug that has often been killing me in space battle.

I use the Romulan reputation Hyper-Plasma torpedo. I'm also a clicker, that is I don't use hot keys. What happens is while I'm firing on a selected enemy target, when clicking on abilities I lock on to one of my torps and the ability I just selected is negated. This happens most often when I select Tactical Team as I run two copies and constantly cycle between them. Not only does my target change from the enemy ship and thus I stop firing on it but Tac Team also doesn't work so my shield facings stay down and I blow up. This has also happened though to a lesser degree with my main Hazard Emitters heal.

I know this sounds like a strange problem and I'm wondering if this is happening to anyone else. For the time being I just have to use my abilities a little differently to adjust to this. I find waiting to my torps to get a little further away from my ship before selecting Tac Team generally doesn't cause this problem.

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