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So, my first Rommie has hit 50, and as I'm going with an RSE theme rather than the RDC(Romulan Drum Circle) of the story, I'm beginning to transition all my weaponry from the random plasma stuff I got while levelling to disruptors.

Thing is, I really enjoyed using the split-beam plasma pistol, but I've yet to find a similar disruptor weapon - do they exist? And further to that, does anyone know which disruptor weapons I should be looking for that have a more Romulan aesthetic rather than Klingon?

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05-31-2013, 02:28 AM
Purple Nanite Disruptors MK XII on the exchange. They look like Romulan Disruptors from the shows and are dirt cheap. Also very powerful. My lvl 50 tactical Romulan uses a purple Nanite Disruptor Compression Pistol MK XII [crith]x3 and constantly crits with its secondary fire in the ~2000 damage range.

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