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Ok I am going to try my best to explain what I mean.

In the ship requisitions, the description for each ship shows there strengths and weaknesses.

On an the following is on that list

Escorthas others, but only concerned with this)

- shields
+ weapons

Science: (has others, but only concerned with this)


Now equip a phaser beam array Mk II to the science ship and hover it over the stats in the inventory before doing so and then on the ship when its equipped. It is the same.

Also equip one to an escort and do the same thing. Same in the inventory, same on the ship, and all numbers the same as when equipped to the science ship.

Now take some shields. Look at them in the inventory, equip them to the science ship, the numbers do not change.

Take same shields equip them to the escort, the numbers advertised on the shields, are not the same in the stats portion of the ship. For example I equip a shield with 3325 HP to my escort and it has 2131 shields in the stats for the ship.

So if escorts get an HP penalty to shields when they are equipped (because of the -shields stat listed above), should it not get an increase in weapons damage BEFORE even considering the amount of energy being placed into weapons in power management? (because it has +weapons stat listed in its description)

Maybe I am wrong, maybe it does and you cannot see because theres no stat listed in the stats part for weapons like there is shields.

Because relying on the information provided when you hover the mouse arrow over an equipped item is not reliable, because if you hover the mouse arrow over the shields equipped it gives you the default stats before any penalty is applied, the only way to see your shield HP is nerfed on the escort is to look at the stats section on the ship display.

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