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# 1 Full Screen Mode Seems FUBAR
05-31-2013, 08:40 AM
If I change the setting to Full Screen mode now, the game window becomes the wrong size and wrong resolution. Definately not the resolution and size of my actual sceen

Also it becomes impossible to click any buttons

Alt Tabbing will restore it to windows maximized.

I also noticed many more options in the Full Screen resolution that I have never seen before. Stretched, Centered, Auto. Never seen those options in any game ever. Seem more appropraite for a wall paper than a game.

I can only assume that mine is defaulting to centered but cant change because the cursor wont move that far down the list when in Full Screen mode. Also like a few options, the text is so long its cut off so you cant really even tell which one you might be selecting. Not sure why I simply cant select my actual resolution.

Another thing I never had an issue with until LoR.
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# 2
05-17-2015, 05:58 AM
I just got this problem last night.

I had the game at the settings it was after downloading the game to a new computer a week or two ago, and then the screen shrank down last night. I had no idea how it minimized to about one quarter (or less) of the screen.

So I tried switching to full screen mode. The cursor moved well, but the button highlighting did not match up with the cursor.

I was able to finally log off. When I logged back on, the cursor seemed slightly sluggish, but I was able to click on them. But when I logged on again this morning, the cusor/ingame buttons are out of synch again.

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