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06-03-2013, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by tinnydancer View Post
-Why is the Request Reinforcement button visible (greyed out) when the option to do so is not available.
-Why do I need to see a notification every time somebody loots a Very Rare ship from a Lock Box? I don't care if someone I don't know gets a lucky drop and I don't need the game to reassure that the ships are actually dropping.
The notifications are there so as to give you the impression that a lot of people are getting these ships. It's a cheap statistical marketing ploy: with so many people opening these boxes, there's always someone lucky every minute or so, whereas, on an individual basis, your chances are dismal.

And yes, it's annoying.

-Why doesn't the Transwarp cabability cool down expire when I am not logged on to that toon. So I transwarp to DS9, queue up a couple Doff missions and log off that toon. Two days later I log back on and I still have to wait 12 minutes to Transwarp to my Starbase. Why?
It's to prevent would-be cheaters from circumventing the cooldown by simply relogging. But it's broken: program should have accounted for elaspsed time since last login.
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06-05-2013, 11:24 AM
Originally Posted by meimeitoo View Post
... So, if you gonna create a poll, I kindly ask that you please add the following option:

"- None of the above. Fix old stuff first."

P.S. This suggestion will probably be ignored; but let it not be said I never officially asked.
And below that... "- Stop forcing us into shoulder-cam view, give us back our over-the-head-to-first-person view that worked perfectly. (with a saveable configuration option)"

P.S. This will probably be ignored too. I still haven't found any rationale for why they did that. Anyone have any idea what their rationale was to think that was a good idea and/or _needed_ to be done in the first place? Like, from actual conversations with whoever decided that?
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06-05-2013, 12:16 PM
if there is a chance of getting the archiles from Dominion wars game. (would make a great skin for the Star cruiser) Then are we allowed to know precisaly what ships CBS have said is a possability? Maybe have a poll on most disired?
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06-05-2013, 02:44 PM
Couple of questions:

1. Any chance of being able to buy Orion Woman Bridge officer & other races in the future with Zen? {Feds}

2. Is any plans to fix ie change over uniforms all on USS Enterprise so that all uniforms are TOS? There still a few uniforms non TOS.

3. Any plans for Rebooted Enterprise & Uniforms to a bundle in the future?

4. Finally with 50th Anniversary in 2016 is chance that STO F2P may expand to next gen Consoles around that time?

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06-09-2013, 04:35 PM
Not sure if this is where I should be posting this, or if this has been asked before, but:

Will Star Trek Online ever have a Mac Download? This would be nice, and theoretically open up STO to more people.
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06-09-2013, 04:48 PM
EDIT: Well that's slightly embarassing, for some reason i read the title as june rather than may.

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06-09-2013, 05:59 PM
Guys, you might want to save your questions for the June edition of "Ask Cryptic". I think this thread is about the answers he gave for the May edition.
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I agree new content is needed but I think they need to fix bugs first. They finally got the system stable enough that there are less server not responding messages than before. The queue to get in the game is gone. Great job now get to work on fixing bugs.

One thing which I think should actually be #1 priority. Fix account security. Too many fleets and too many players are getting hacked. There is no response from customer service when we submit tickets. I don't think it's fair for players to lose their gear/resources and consoles. Then to get absolutely no response from customer service through the ticket system.

I know of a few that lost gear that is no longer in the game because it was obtained pre season 6 or season 7(can't remember) before the revamp of the STF system.

The next priority is fix missions

First, the foundry is still broken. Some missions are still not able to be completed.

Second, I can't do borg red alerts because there is a bug that makes an empty map.

Third, Fix the Tau Dewa Sector missions. Several of them are bugged and the waves of enemies don't spawn. Making the missions useless.
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06-09-2013, 10:47 PM
They need to add a Species Change token so i can change my human to a liberated borg human.
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06-09-2013, 11:17 PM
Originally Posted by noooooooooo14 View Post
Will Star Trek Online ever have a Mac Download? This would be nice, and theoretically open up STO to more people.
It would also cost them a lot of time and energy, not to mention money, just to accommodate the 5% or thereabouts of the market that Apple has managed to pry away from Microsoft. The biggest stumbling block here is however difficult it'd be to port the graphics engine from Direct3D to OpenGL.

I could see a native Mac version taking them a good solid year of development (just to port the engine, nevermind any third-party code they've got licenses for, that may or may not have native Mac equivalents) that's entirely aside from whatever they're working on now.

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