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# 1 No Win Scenario Build
09-22-2013, 04:43 PM
Hey guys, I am really interested in beating No Win Scenario but I need some build advice. I will list out what I have and what I have access to to and see what you guys come up with.

Fleet K'Tinga (I fly this 95% of the time)
Jem'hedar Dreadnought

Hanger Pets:
1x Elite Scorpions
1x Elite Widows
2x Adv. Slavers

Full Gear Sets:
Maco MK12
Omega Weapons System

Individual Pieces:
Nukara Web Mines
Nukara Shield Console
Elite Fleet Shields
Elite Fleet Warp Core

Weapons Set:
3x Fleet DHC AP + 3x Fleet Turret AP
3x Fleet DHC Poloron + 2x Fleet Turret Poloron
Fleet Quantum
Romulan Hyper Launcher

I would like to see what you guys come up with as far as recommendations. I do not have the ability to get the Elite JHAS pets for the Dreadnought. Have fun guys.
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# 2
09-25-2013, 10:20 AM
The issue isn't build or gear. The issue is strategy, teamwork, and knowing the mission.
Chingachgook told me, Don't try to understand them; and don't try to make them understand you. For they are a breed apart and make no sense.

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