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Originally Posted by age03 View Post
Nothing I am jist pointing out how hard it is and if you can't get the zen to get those modules like me.It is not going to be easy to get the 8mil ec to get it.

The Kdf have wider varity of ships to choose from like the Kafri and the Destroyers.

Kdf have more criusers that can be fitted with cannons being that of single,duel or duel heavy.
I highly disagree, the Feds have way more ship types than us and have way more flexibility and not to mention many of those ships are newer C-store types (Kumari, Vesta, etc.) and the last time we have a Tier 5 C-store ship was the Bortasqu' which came out like what over 1 year now and during that time the Feds have 6-7 ships came out on the C-store.

i agree with many of my fellow KDF players that the BoP's and Raptors are obsolete right now, right now the only good class of ships on the KDF side are the battle cruisers, nowadays u see mostly KDF players in pvp now using either lock box ships or KDF Rommie player warbirds. i do believe that any new raptors thats gonna come out in the future (C-store or Fleet) should have and need 5 tac consoles with some having 5 fore/ 2 aft or maintain the 4 fore / 3 aft weapons setup. and as for the current and future tier 5 BoP's, they should have 1 extra Lt. Com BOff station (like the Norgh' but with 10 total console slots not 9) and/or having 1 extra aft weapon slot.

My main character ship is a Fleet B'rel retrofit, but since the release of the expansion fighting with a Stealth torpedo ship is now useless most of the time thx to the now broken/bugged EPtA I, II and III which can detect my ship even a long distance even though my skills on stealth is max plus with over 600 stealth bonus from my rommie boff's via Embassy and my ship having a total of 128 aux (130 aux max) which doe not mean anything to any person having no sensor skill and barely having no aux and only detecting my ship by using EPtA I.

Thx Cryptic....
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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
Completely serious.

With now a dozen characters covering every class/faction combination, owning half the C-store and being comfortable flying any ship family in this game (not saying masterful, just comfortable, as a reference point), the only thing I have ever found myself truly missing on my Klingon characters is when i want to play with a science leaning cruiser or escorts. In every other function, I'd rather have the KDF ships.

I can use the Varanus as a classical sci ship, or a Vo'quv and do all the sci stuff plus throw out bops or interceptors besides (yeah the Varanus costs money, but so does the Atrox), or do some truly weird stuff with the Kar'fi. Speaking of carriers, on pets the Federation may have runabouts, but for every other purpose the KDF has a vastly superior lineup. There is the Vesta though, which as a classical sci ship is definitely better, but for ultimate results you can still probably get more out of a heavy carrier. Advantage, KDF.

Then there's cruisers. If I want a tank cruiser, the Negh'var can do everything the Galaxy can, plus actually turn. For an attack cruiser there's the Vorcha which beats the snot out of the Regent or Excelsior, and can go all the way and get out my Tor'kaht (I love that thing so much). Go in the other direction and the Bortasqu can be every bit the immovable object of the Odyssey, plus cloaking if I'd like to. Plus I have an entire family of flight deck cruisers, that are otherwise identical to Fed cruisers but simply get that hangar at no mechanical cost. Advantage KDF.

On the escort front, maybe I'm not sensitive enough to it as the people that take the game as Serious Business, but I don't notice much of a difference between the Patrol Escort and the Mirror Qin other than a few shield points here, a few hull points there. Then there's the Guramba, which is just a mean little thing, a patrol escort with an extra mode and BFG that uses no console space to play with. Alternately there's the Kumari, which gets the 5 fore weapons and pays for it giant gaps in his defenses against anything not in its forward arc, and in the tac version a boff layout that makes it a serious glass cannon. It adds up the fact that a lot of fairly good escort drivers I know have shelved their Kumaris and gone back to their Defiants and Armitages, but we'll call it a point for the Feds anyways because its something they can do that the KDF can't. Lastly there IS the lack of versatility, raptors with things like LtCmdr sci or a non-fleet with LtCmdr Eng. It adds up to lots of little advantage Fed side, so we'll call it Advantage Federation.

Next there are BoPs, which are faster than anything but a Bug and gives me a boff flexibility to make any insane combination I can think of, able to be any ship they need to be. Maybe the lack of specialization is a weakness in the world of premade teams, but if you want to build a jack-of-all-trades ship the thing is simply unmatched with no counterpart anywhere. Advantage KDF.

Finally on the console front, KDF has better consoles. Graviton Pulses and Plasmonic Leeches and Aceton Assimilators, oh my. And by having them in the cstore, I make one purchase once and now they're available to summon and dismiss endlessly on as many characters as I like, and ultimately has proven to be cheaper than if I were buying reward packs over and over. Advantage KDF.

And yes I'm fully aware there are a lot of blanket statements here, potentially invalidated by exceptional players who can pull out a Vesta and spank 5 Qins without even trying. Put Captain 50th Percentile at the helm though, or even his awesome cousin Captain 75, and I think this stuff all stands up. If I were to play this game limited to the ship choices of a single faction, and i could only use their ships forever and ever, it would take me about 3 seconds to pick the Klingon offerings.

As for the 'stealing our uniqueness' schtick, oh please. A few consoles go on the exchange and its the end of the world. Feds get a single heavy carrier with no frigates and exactly one useful pet available to it, and the Empire is just crumbling to nothing. Two ships can actually cloak, both requiring console slots to do so, and one of those ships is a joke to boot. Its the final nail in the coffin! Oh but lets pay no attention to all the other advantages the KDF DOES have, or that every good Fed console long ago likewise went cross faction (because THEIR magical 'uniqueness' is irrelevant), or that Federation ships are stronger in exactly one area, or that in that one area its not actually that huge a gap, as acknowledging any of that would cost some of our 'noble underdog' cred that makes us feel so special! Clearly this is the way of the Warrior!

Snark mode in overdrive on that last paragraph? Absolutely. There are whiners on both sides. The difference is most of the Fed ones I see, such as one recently started about mounting DHCs on cruisers or the every-so-often supership idea (if they can be called an 'idea') pretty quickly turn into a small army jumping on the OP for making such a ridiculous suggestion, and as such the thread can be just brushed off. KDF side, so often it seems such similarly moronic suggestions instead get taken seriously, as if 'specialness' or some self-entitled sense of 'oppression' is justification for a ship thats all advantage, no drawback (as i was earlier replying to). If you want balance but differences, that means being strong in one area, and deliberately weak in another. The KDF has a lot of strengths, and so balance requires they have some weaknesses too. Otherwise, where's the uniqueness?
A few corrections:

First, the BoP is no faster than any other escort. It has a .2 impulse modifier, like every other escort/raptor/destroyer in the game. There are two ships that can move faster than the BoP. . .the Steamrunner (.21 mod) and the JHAS (.22 mod). What the BoP has is turning rate. . .and it's not as big of an advantage as you'd think, especially since every escort out there probably runs at least one copy of APO. The only reason why some BoPs may seem faster is that they are probably running high on engines and weapon power, sacrificing shield and aux power.

We have an edge in carriers, but that edge has been eroded by Cryptic giving into selfish Federation demands for carriers. . .and now the Federation has a full-fledged carrier (Atrox) and several flight deck carriers that can carry dual cannons (something the KDF doesn't have). Please note that this loss of an edge via a ship class has not been compensated by the addition of good science ships on the KDF side, or by the addition of better raptors to balance out that part of the equation. We essentially 'lost' an exclusive class because the Feddies stamped their feet loudly enough. . .but of course, that's not good enough.

Again about the BoP: The vaunted 'jack of all trades' benefits are severely limited by the fact that most BoPs cannot survive in sustained combat due to both low shield modifiers and low hullstrength. There's a reason most BoPs are set up for hit-and-run harassing attacks designed to find the weaknesses in someone's defenses. They simply cannot sit there and duke it out like a full-fledged escort can. The main roles for BoP right now are this: Hit and run attacking, or makeshift sci support ship (minus the benefits a real sci ship gets, including the aux boost).

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battle cloak raptor shouldnt happen,
bops are supposed to be the only kdf ships battle claoking (disregard the 1000day vet reward)
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I would prefer a5 tac console raptor a variaint of fllet qin heavy raptor with better turning of course about 17 degrees or 4 tac console with 5 weapons slots in front and two in the back and a brand new special ability lets call it destruction mode which will increase weapon power by ten for 10 seconds with less hull about 32000
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5 tac slot fleet garumba... yum yum!

Originally Posted by timezarg View Post
There are two ships that can move faster than the BoP. . .the Steamrunner (.21 mod) and the JHAS (.22 mod).
At least six actually. You forgot the fastest ship in the game. Risian Corvette (.25), plus all three vet destroyer class ships (.22)
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Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
5 tac slot fleet garumba... yum yum!

At least six actually. You forgot the fastest ship in the game. Risian Corvette (.25), plus all three vet destroyer class ships (.22)
To be fair, this is a necroed thread from before the Corvette was in the game.


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