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So here's the oddball idea...

Allow the Breen Energy Disipator to work on the Risian Corvette.

Allow the Subspace Wake Generator to work on the Chel Gret Warship.

Introduce Fall and Spring events next year. My feeling is that it would work best to tie those events to special bridge officers. I know, I know, we have special bridge officers. But not everything can be space centric. Heck, maybe also have a species unlock for Fall and Spring along with the exotic BOs.

And design the events to have some synergy.

Like... Completing all four special projects unlocks new Veteran-style hull variants for the Corvette and the Chel Gret, gives both a sector speed bonus, and unlocks a special costume. Heck... Maybe something insane like the White Rabbit from Shore Leave (TOS) as a bridge officer.

Actually, the more I think about it, since Special Event projects are now under the rep tab, it should actually BE a reputation with some of the rewards as year round unlocks.

Maybe make Latinum a minor way to raise rep year round with big sources being things like the Risian Corvette project.

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