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07-17-2013, 09:50 PM
Originally Posted by lostmoony View Post
and from my side ist very unserious to sell Access to a fleet like sneyeper and co are doing it, they ca not be banned for that?
Exchanges using in-game ec are not against the ToS.

Per post 85, we no longer provide this service. Deals made before the service was discontinued will still be honored and even free reinvites to the base for those players are available.

I like the sound of "sneyeper and co" and will suggest a fleet name change, but I don't think the other fleet members will support it
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07-18-2013, 09:11 AM
the Name of this threat is elite pets stat and Infos about them!!!

if i see near all the sides only trashtalk about fleet Access selling and how selffishes use this discussion for Money makeing and no usefull Infos about differences from the pet or the real Quality from the elite pets....

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07-19-2013, 03:24 PM
Originally Posted by devian666 View Post
Let's have some chest puffing posts intended to troll the thread. Rather ironic.

A lot of people post on these forums make up whatever they want while talking about Dental of course if we explain anything about ourselves it is promptly ignored. Ultimately you are angry about us providing access for free and are only posting to satisfy your ulterior motives.

We are well aware of the players that want us gone from the game for providing these free services and the organised but secret attacks. People have even been trying to silence anyone in zone talking about this event. So don't come into this thread and say you are better than everyone else. Stop hating the community and trying to force your will on other players. You are the bully and troll.

If you want to post in this thread contribute something positive which isn't a derail.

In case you didn't realize it, Sneyeper created this thread, not you. This isn't your thread. Which makes you the troller for coming on here and spouting your personal attacks. Be jealous all you like, everyone who's been around me knows I help players daily in game without any return or reward, sometimes not even a thank you. It takes more than your desperate trolling to make a dent in my quality reputation. As it seems you're hard on hearing, or in this case seeing, let me say it again:

Giving things away free sounds cool, but what your fleet attempted is try to use a good deed to cover up years of your members trolling players in game, behavior that has earned your fleet a disreputable reputation.

No freebies can cover up what your fleet's done. You really want to change that bad rep? Adapt a No bullying/harassment policy as many STO players would like to see, then STICK TO IT. Players want free stuff, but they don't want to be harassed even more. Even your harshest critics will support you if you do that. And I would be the first among them to applaud it. But whenever someone tells you to adapt such a policy, you come up with excuses or evade it by character assassination tricks, like you're trying to do with me.

Unlike you I have no ulterior motives. I want just 1 thing: Your members to cease following players who disagree with your opinions, surrounding them, following them to other instances, refusing to leave them alone even if repeatedly requested (care to deny that as well?). I've helped players escape 3 times from your trollfests. Would be nice to hear your fleet apologize to them for the discomfort you've made them undergo.

I've never surrounded or followed a single player in game in my entire playing history. And yet you stand there plain as day trying to label me a troll AND bully. If you hadn't said it in all seriousness, it would be a joke. By your own words you show who the real hater is.

You don't have to stop. But I don't have to support your ridiculous ideas of fun, which in reality borders on cyberbullying. And that is what it all boils down to. Now you can troll me all you want to have your last say, but I do not relish conversations with trollers and I'm not giving you any more confidence, either in forums or in-game.

That said, thank you Sneyeper for posting the stats and info. Here's to hoping these trollers don't spam your thread to try and silence those who disagree with them, as is their habit.

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