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Black Sun Armored Squadron is recruiting Federation Allied Romulan Commanders.

We were originally spawned from players from the World of Tanks game.
We're opening up our ranks to non WOT players now. We have a Teamspeak server shared with the WOT Black Sun Clan and we encourage STO players to drop in to our STO section on the server so you can have voice coms and do team battles. We're a mix of younger and older players up to the mid-50's so anyone should feel welcome. All we ask is you give as much as you get to support our Starbase upgrades. We're currently close to upgrading to Tier 2 Starbase. We have ground and fleet weapons available once you show us you're not just there to grab the gear and run.

Contact me online: Rambear@airbear8
or via email (take out the spaces): Airbear @ starfleet.com

Jolan Tru!

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