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# 1 Roster glitch
07-07-2013, 07:53 AM

Believe we have a glitch in our fleet. 2 members appear to be permanently online, despite not actually being online. We have searched for them, tried pm/challenge invite/team invite but nothing shows up in the chat box (outgoing) and challenge remains empty (as you know the player appears until they decline).

Is this a known issue?
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# 2
07-07-2013, 05:36 PM
Not a glitch with your fleet. It's a glitch with the game. I believe what happened was that the player was actually logged in on another character that may not be in your fleet.

Let me explain my theory.

Season 7 added a new "change character" feature where you don't need to log out of the game then back in to switch characters. You can just go straight to the character select screen. The problem is that it doesn't fully log out your other characters that you had been logged in on.

Example of why: When switching between characters in multiple fleets, I end up with fleet chat of all those characters in the chat window. For example, if I log in on my KDF character then switch to a fed character, I will see members of my KDF fleet in the chat window, hence my KDF character was never fully logged out of the game.

The workaround for this to make sure your characters are fully logged out is to.........log out of the game then log back in, which defeats the purpose of the change character feature completely.

I've had problems with this. I have 7 characters and everyday I log in on all of them to claim rewards and start new duty officer assignments. But, if I don't log out of the game completely and start doing missions or events in the PVE queue on a character, the game still thinks I have some or all of my other characters still logged in. Moving items between my inventory and account bank ends up with a delay for up to a minute as well as posting items on the exchange. After a while, if I still haven't logged out of the game and continue to play on a character, I will end up with a "server not responding" message and after about 30 seconds I get disconnected.

So after I finish starting doff assignments on my other characters, I log out of the game then back in for the character I want to play as for a while.

I have been curious all this time (but never asked someone in a fleet to confirm it) as to if I switch characters without logging out of the game first, will my character in a different fleet still show up in the roster as being logged in? Seems from your post this may actually be the case.

In other words, the game thinks you're logged in on multiple characters at the same time and it causes problems.

I'd also like to point out that Season 7 came out in November 2012, and this friggen problem still isn't fixed.

Edit: sorry for the wall o' text.
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# 3
07-07-2013, 11:17 PM least it makes the roster look more full! Maybe by design.............. lol

Cheers for the reply
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# 4
07-08-2013, 12:45 AM
Once we have the same situation, one of our fleet member was online 0-24h and he was at sibrian solar wind at the whole day, always... it was before S7 and started before change character arrived with a new season. He was 0-24h online (for about a half year) till once he really logged in.
There was big surprise when he wrote at fleet chat... but after he logged out at on that day, roster worked fine and he was offline finally.

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