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06-05-2013, 03:57 AM
Originally Posted by topset View Post
NOBODY. People are so dense sometimes, it was an unexpected side-effect of the EPTx changes.

Borg ships have ALWAYS had emergency to engines 2, it just goes to show how pointless the ability was before. Now they've made it a useful ability it's screwed up the dynamics of STFs. I made a post about this, and I keep changing my mind how I feel about it.

I think they should give borg EPTS2 instead, but people would complain that they're too hard and need a nerf. Same thing with EPTW2, and EPTA2 is useless.

I want borg that hit harder, give them EPTW2, leave EPTE2 on raptors and probes (makes sense IMO) and make spheres hit harder.

Good luck getting that through to the playerbase though, they don't seem to want harder borg given the amount of power creep and borg nerfs we've had over the years.
That's because when Cryptic makes them stronger, it's either by accident, or on purpose. I've been playing their games since City of Heroes in Issue 3, back when it was Cryptic and not Paragon Studios. Whenever Cryptic makes something stronger by accident, it turns out cool more often than not, but when they do it intentionally, they end up showing how badly they suck at balancing and totally overshoot the goal and just ignore it for who knows how long. They'll even admit to being caught making a mistake and still push it through and 1) hope everyone forgets or 2) just ignore the people pointing out their problems.
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06-05-2013, 04:02 AM
Only thing for me that's not dropping is Neural Processors.

* shakes angry fist at STF! *

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